‘No Thanks’: Trump Sacks NFL Thanksgiving Day National Anthem Kneelers

President Trump once again criticized the National Football League for its disastrous foray into anti-Americanism and far-left politics that has sucked the joy out of the game for millions.

Before the traditional Thanksgiving Day game hosted by the perennially woeful Detroit Lions, quarterback Matthew Stafford along with Houston Texans counterpart DeShaun Watson took a knee during the playing of the national anthem.



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While the NFL has wisely deemphasized the disrespect to the flag, the military and the nation itself after ratings crashed earlier in the season, the privileged millionaire players just couldn’t resist making a political statement on national television.

Trump tweeted his disgust with the tiresome virtue signaling which was short and sweet – “No Thanks”

Via The Hill, “Trump tweets Thanksgiving criticism of NFL QBs for kneeling”:

President Trump used a Thanksgiving tweet to renew his criticism of NFL players kneeling in calls for social justice, retweeting a tweet and image of Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson and Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, who both knelt during the national anthem at their holiday games Thursday.

Trump, who had been tweeting about the election throughout most of the day, responded to a tweet by DEE SPORTS GUY which stated “QB’s Deshaun Watson (Houston Texans) & Matthew Stafford (Detroit Lions) exercising Social Justice support during the National Anthem minutes ago,”  and included photos of both football players kneeling.

“No thanks,” Trump tweeted.

Trump loudly criticized NFL players in 2017 over the social justice protests, which had been launched by former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The Trump criticism deepened a controversy for the nation’s most watched sports league.

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The NFL had seemingly put the kneeling controversy behind it by paying off Kaepernick after a disastrous 2017 season when fans tuned out rather than be subjected to “woke’ garbage and ratings eventually recovered.

That lasted until his summer when riots erupted after a viral video of career criminal and drug addict George Floyd’s fatal encounter with police shook the nation.

In a video that was eerily reminiscent of the ones produced by ISIS before beheading their victims, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell formally surrendered to the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement and the kneelers.

Goodell and the other geniuses at NFL headquarters who decided that suggesting that millions of their own fans may be racists was a successful marketing strategy were given a rude shock when the ratings nosedived anew and were it not for COVID restrictions, the presence of empty seats in stadiums would be all over social media again.

President Trump’s disgust with the kneeling is shared by millions of Americans, and especially with the 70 + million who voted for him.

The Texans demolished the overmatched Lions 41-25 in a game not nearly as close as the final score indicates.

In the day’s second helping of turkey between two horrific teams, a disastrous decision by Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy to dial up a fake punt deep in his own territory with his team only trailing by four points led to a total collapse and a 41-16 loss to the Washington team formerly known as the Redskins.

The nightcap between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens was postponed.

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