Keystone Is The Start, Gettysburg Was the Turning Point Of The War, Watch PA – Ep. 2338

Keystone Is The Start, Gettysburg Was the Turning Point of the War, Watch PA
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Trump’s economy continues to improve, he sent a message to the [CB]/[DS] yesterday and today we see the V recoveries taking shape. Durable goods orders jump, real estate up, unemployment down and wages of government workers decline and private workers increase. [JB] releases the information that a lot money is going to be needed to send to the states. The [DS]/MSM are now trapped. The patriots are making their move, it all begins in PA, the keystone. [E] fraud is now being produced and public hearing are now happening. The keystone is the center stone that holds it all together. We need to go back to the beginning to understand the end, this was never just about a 4 year election, it was returning the country back to the people.

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  • US durable goods orders were expected to slow their growth in preliminary October data, but instead rose more than expected, up 1.3% MoM (vs +0.8% exp). However, despite the beat, durable goods orders remain down 1.1% YoY…

Source: Bloomberg

  •   durable goods orders have risen for 6 straight months.
  •  the Dept of Commerce announced that in the third quarter, GDP rose an annualized 33.1%, unchanged from the first estimate released in October,  

  • Of note, personal consumption rose 40.6% in 3Q after falling 33.2% prior quarter 


  •   wages and salaries for government workers declined by 2.2% compared to last October, the biggest decline on record.

  • A closer look at recent trends reveals that this is a purely a government worker feature, with wages for private sector employees rebounding soundly from their post-covid crash lows and fast approaching pre-crisis levels.


Biden Says ‘A Lot of Money’ and Strict Measures Needed to Let Schools Reopen 

  • The former vice president said measures to enable the safe reopening of schools would carry a hefty price tag, referring to estimates of between $150 and $200 billion for the year, saying, “it takes a lot of money to get them back.”
  • “We know that we have to change everything, from the ventilation systems in schools,” Biden said, adding, “we have to make sure … everyone from sanitary workers, right through to the bus drivers, they have to be clued in, they have to be protected. They need the PPE. They need the gear. They need the ability to have smaller modules of classes.”






It looks like a lot of people were pretending to be residents of Georgia. That’s more E-V-I-D-E-N-C-E.

Trump retweeted

In GA, they threw away the envelops with the signatures that the ballots came in, then commingled the mail-in ballots with the day-of ballots so there was no way to tell them apart.

— LORI HENDRY (@Lrihendry) November 24, 2020


How Strange? Media Darling and Proclaimed ‘VP-Elect’ Kamala Harris For Some Reason Has Yet to Resign from Her Senate Job? Weird, Huh? 

  • Crazy thing is, if this is true, then why hasn’t Kamala Harris, the first female Vice President in US history, not resigned from the Senate?
  • If she and Joe won, wouldn’t she resign from the Senate and get a head start on her new job as Vice President?  Hmmm….

Geopolitical/Police State



  •   Department of Defense Cyber Warfare Program? It Tracks Systems and aquires evidence of nefarious activities and crimes committed by The Deep State!
  •  The “Kraken” is  a Department of Defense-run cyber warfare program that tracks and hacks various other systems to acquire evidence of nefarious actions by the deep state!President Trump and the loyal patriots in the Military and Space Command now have all the evidence of voter fraud and election related treason. This will be used against the enemies of America! 
  • Sidney Powell declared that, “an algorithm was plugged in to steal votes from President Trump during the election” – which is exactly what the truth bearing media has been warning about for over a decade.


BREAKING: Trump pardons former national security adviser Mike Flynn

False Flags


HUGE: Trump Campaign Nevada Lawsuit Challenging Election Results Given Go Ahead for Depositions, Hearing Set for December 3

  • A Trump campaign lawsuit in Nevada filed last week challenging the election results has been given the go ahead for depositions by the Carson City court where the case was filed November 17. The suit seeks to have Trump declared the winner or that no electors be awarded due to fraud and irregularities. A hearing was set for December 3rd. 


Today RG was testifying in the public hearing with many witnesses.