JP Sears Prepares You for Being More Obedient to Your Government This Holiday Season

If you’re like me, you’re asking yourself, “Self, how can I conform more to my government this year?” Believe me, I get you. You already wear your mask everywhere. Haven’t seen your elderly parents in months for their own safety. Not only do you agree to limit what you do in your home, you openly snitch on your neighbors when they disobey. Yet you still feel like you can do more! Here’s my personal life coach JP Sears to teach YOU how to be more obedient.

How To Be More Obedient

Here’s the scary thing. We all have our tongues embedded in our cheeks. Yet our betters have already straight-up said it’s time to shut up and do what we’re told. Sears is being satirical. I can’t be the only one who can imagine Andrew Cuomo saying this during a press conference. He’d win another Emmy award.

It’s good to laugh. Laughter stops you from becoming stabby. What isn’t funny is how many people appear comfortable doing what JP mocks in this video.

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