Can Giuliani and Powell Close the Deal on Election Fraud? – LN Radio Videocast

Who will be our president when January 20th rolls around? Most everyone is saying it’s Biden, but Trump is not giving up the fight anytime soon. In the meantime, the nation continues to grind away effectively with two presidents, the one who’ll be there for at least another couple of months, and the one who has claimed victory in an election still being challenged in court. We’ll sort out where things stand in the battle to close the deal on the election in time for the electoral college to meet and vote on December 14th. Plus we’ll be joined by a trio of authors from International Correspondent Onar Am on his article about the election: It May Be Clean, But Why Does It Look Dirty? Economics Correspondent Andrew Moran on what a Biden economy would look like, and Legal Affairs Editor Scott D. Cosenza on federal executions, university pronoun policy, and a huge settlement in the Apple I-Phone scandal.

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Author: Liberty Nation