Poll worker says found unusual ballots, ‘98%’ for Biden; FAA: 737 Max can fly again | NTD Business

NTD Business News- 11/18/2020
1. Trump Team Pushes for Wisconsin Recount
2. Georgia Poll Worker Says Found ‘Pristine’ Ballots for Biden
3. 3rd Georgia County Finds Uncounted Votes
4. Nevada Republicans File Election Contest
5. Hundreds of GOP Votes Not Counted In PA
6. Giuliani: Lawsuits ‘Ready to Go’ to SCOTUS
7. Trump Fires CISA Director
8. House Dems Back Pelosi for Speaker
9. McCarthy Reelected as GOP House Leader
10. Data Scientist on Unusual Change in Votes
11. Must Wear Mask Indoors: New Rules In PA
12. Miss. Gov. Proposes Phasing Out Income Tax
13. Housing Starts Beats Expectations in Oct.
14. Apple Hits Back at EU Privacy Lawsuit
15. Boeing’s 737 Max Cleared to Fly Again
16. UK To Ban New Gas-Powered Cars by 2030
17. Honda Unveils New Civic on Twitch
18. FDA Authorizes 1st At-Home Covid Test
19. Airlines Gear Up for Vaccine Logistics

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