OPINION: Gina Carano is the Cancel Culture Fighter We Need

Over the weekend, The Mandolorian actress Gina Carano riled up leftist Twitter with a basedAF meme which simultaneously nailed Democratic leaders and wounded the pro-mask brigade’s collective feelings. The result was a #FireGinaCarano campaign which, as of yet, has yielded zero firings of Gina Carano and zero apologies from Gina Carano. The meme, which I will obviously share with you below, is but another straight outta f*cks take added to Gina’s Twitter timeline. If you’re not on Twitter because you still value your sanity, let me summarize her timeline for you: Gina isn’t toeing the anti-Trump, pro-lockdown, pro-BLM, transgender agenda lines as drawn by her Hollywood peers. As such, she’s been targeted with a few cancel culture campaigns which she seems to have absorbed and channeled into more power. Rather than retreating, apologizing, or even offering explanations, Gina is doubling down. This makes her one of the only people in entertainment to actively push back against the cancel culture mob.

First, the meme in all its glory:

Since we’re going over some of her tweets, I’ll share a few more which tickle my soul. Like this one below, which is practically my motto in life:

Just a couple more, then I’ll get to the point, I swear.

That last one also riled up the anti-Trumpers who just six weeks ago were convinced the Russians somehow hacked the election to supplant Hillary for Trump. But we’ve been over that fiasco for about four years.

I should note that nowhere on Gina’s timeline does she say she’s pro-Trump or pro-Biden. Nowhere does she say she’s conservative or liberal. It’s quite possible Gina is a classical liberal much the same way Dave Rubin is. She might have liberal leanings but value free speech and liberty, and thus could have been falsely branded as “pro-Trump” by her most vehement critics. We don’t know her politics.

But that doesn’t matter to the mindless minions of Cancel Culture, who call for the purging of anyone who doesn’t strictly adhere to their intolerant dogmas. Gina didn’t bend the knee. She hasn’t updated her biography with her preferred gender pronouns. She didn’t declare Biden the winner of Election 2020. She didn’t post the stupid #BlackoutTuesday Instagram square which, let’s all note, did jack diddly squat in combatting anything.

Meanwhile, everyone else in Hollywood, and I mean everyone, is marching in lockstep with the “correct” agenda. Gina flipping both middle fingers to it, and not backing down despite campaigns designed to intimidate her into silence by calling for her firing, is exactly the fighter we need. Cancel culture only has power if we cede it. It just takes one person so say “No” to illustrate how powerless the cancel culture mob can be. By my accounts, we now have three people of note pushing back: J.K. Rowling, Ricky Gervais, and Gina Carano.

The second season of The Mandolorian is streaming on Disney+. Gina’s haters want her fired from the show. I’m not saying you should subscribe to Disney+ en masse to show your support. But I’m also not not saying it.

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Author: Courtney Kirchoff

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