A Montessori Approach to Homeschooling

Larry Shiller founded ShillerLearning: Montessori at Home in 2002. Since then he’s been serving homeschooling families with resources to learn math and language arts using a Montessori approach.   I asked Mr. Shiller about his curriculum company and for advice for the many homeschoolers who are just stepping out along this journey. Here’s what he said. The Epoch Times: What inspired you to start a curriculum company? Larry Shiller: There are two main reasons: I have always loved math, from the earliest I can remember, and thought everyone did, too. When I was 7 or 8, I discovered with great disappointment that not everyone loved math as much as I did, and wondered how they lived each day without experiencing the joys of struggle and epiphany that studying math brought me. It’s been my goal since my youth to bring the excitement of learning math to children everywhere.  I had the …

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Author: Barbara Danza