Wisconsin Voters Undeterred by Counterprotest, ‘We Will Never Give Up’

MILWAUKEE—After being turned away from Serb Hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a Stop the Steal rally turned into a march. Zoraida Demarest said that by not reporting on instances of election fraud and calling the elections before votes have been certified, she feels like the mass media have deceived the American public. “We’re here to defend our democracy,” Demarest said. She supports President Donald Trump, but says that personal support isn’t why we’re seeing these rallies. “If Trump loses, that’s fine, we know how to lose, we don’t have to break down buildings and start fires because we lost. But at the end of the day this is America and we need to save our democracy.” “We need to save our democracy because at the end of the day we all have kids, we all have grandkids, and we have to make sure it’s a fair election and it’s not fraudulent,” …

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Author: NTD Television