What Trump Achieved—And the Way Forward

Commentary As we approach Thanksgiving in a time of turmoil, it’s good to reflect on how much we have to be grateful for. In some situations, personal and political, it’s harder to do than in others. And there are many blessings to count. In the political, social, and economic spheres, there’s much on which to build. Here I’ll mention a few of the positive ways in which President Donald Trump has changed the Republican Party and the world. From Dread to Relief In 2016, I was filled with dread. I thought that Trump could not win and that social conservatives would abstain and open the way for a Clinton landslide, as nearly all polls predicted. I expected a new administration in which religious freedom would come under increasing attack, and the ideology of political correctness, now called “woke,” would continue its imperious rule on campus and would spread to other …

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Author: Paul Adams