Veteran Feels ‘Cheated’ Out of Vote, Says ‘All We Ask for Is the Truth’

MILWAUKEE—Ray Paul, like thousands across the nation, joined a Stop the Steal rally after media reports that the election results were over and done with. “I’m here because I feel like I’m cheated out of my vote,” Paul said on Nov. 13 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. On Nov. 7, grassroots protests occurred in state capitals across the nation, and again the week after with thousands more marching on Washington on Nov. 14. Organizers on social media have been calling for people to rally every Saturday until the votes are certified and the results are announced Dec. 14. Paul said that after 2016, he lost faith in the media. “All the networks just put down Donald Trump. I’m a veteran. I honor my president, no matter who’s in office. And they kept putting him down,” Paul said. He started looking at what the president was actually doing, and was bothered by the …

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Author: NTD Television