Trump Supporter Says She’ll Support Him ‘Until the Very End’

ORMOND BEACH, Fla.—Norma Scott had been vocal about her support for President Donald Trump before the election, and sees no reason to stop now. “I’m supporting Trump right up until the very end,” Scott said in her Trump shirt and buttons, carrying a flag. Scott said she was only a little surprised at the results and news she saw the day after the elections. There had been debate about how voting by mail could allow for fraud before then already. In any case, the results of the election won’t be known until the states have certified their votes on Dec. 14, and Scott doesn’t intend to stop supporting her president. She’s donated to his campaigns in the past and attended other rallies in support of Trump, and says her Trump signs are still in her yard. Julie Sheldon says she, like millions of Americans, feels disenfranchised right now. Between the …

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Author: NTD Television