Trump Supporter Attacked, Cut in Head Amid ‘Million MAGA March’ in DC

A supporter of President Donald Trump was attacked in the District of Columbia amid the massive rally supporting the president. “One of the Trump supporters was just assaulted by a man in black bloc at a counter-protest march. DC Police immediately came in,” independent reporter Brendan Gutenschwager wrote in a Twitter post. A video clip shared by Gutenschwager shows a man with blood on his face trying to stand up but falling on the ground. Several police officers arrived immediately and circled around the victim. It was the first report of violence against Trump supporters during the rally, attended by tens of thousands. Reuters reporter Jonathan Landay said that the male was cut in his head by counter-protesters. “Counter protesters attacked a Trump supporter outside Union Station, cutting his head. Paramedics treated him and he’s back on his feet,” Landay wrote in a Twitter post. It’s unclear who the suspected attacker …

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Author: Allen Zhong

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