Texas Voter: ‘We Want a True, Honest, and Fair Election’

DALLAS—Steve Brown says he seriously doubts that President Donald Trump lost a re-election, but the real reason thousands are demonstrating in rallies like he is is because they want to see action that will convince the American people of a free and fair election. Thousands of people rallied in state capitals across the country on Nov. 7, 2020, and again a week later on Nov. 14 with more traveling to Washington to demonstrate. “What we really want is for a fair election and since we can’t seem to figure out a way to make that happen this time around, we’d like to have a recount, and an audit, audits to make sure that all of those ballots were legitimate,” Brown said. “We want a true, honest, and fair election,” he said. “This time around, we want to make sure that America stays what it should be, that America says what …

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Author: NTD Television