Texas Voter: If Election Was Fair, We Wouldn’t Be Rallying

DALLAS—Bria Jackson says she is a registered Democrat and knows her mail-in ballot was sent somewhere she no longer lives; it would have been easy for the current resident to vote in her name instead of notifying her, and fraud this election was possible. Jackson joined others at a Stop the Steal rally in Dallas, Texas, on Nov. 14, 2020, as similar rallies were held across the country. “This was not a fair election. If Donald Trump lost fair and square nobody would be out here,” Jackson said. Between statistic anomalies reported in swing states, reports of ballots cast by dead people, and other fraud allegations, Jackson has no confidence in this election. “There needs to be an audit of all the votes, we need to make sure there’s no dead people voting … no mail-in voting,” Jackson said. “My mail in vote didn’t even go to me, it went …

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Author: NTD Television

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