New Citizenship Test Features More Questions, Requires More Correct Answers

A new test debuted by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will require naturalization applicants to answer twice as many questions and require twice as many correct answers. The USCIS released the 2020 oral test on Friday. Prospective citizens will be given 20 questions to answer, up from 10 on the test given since 2008. The test-takers will be required to answer 12 of the questions correctly to pass, up from six on the old exam. The passing score remains the same, 60 percent. The study guide has grown from 100 to 128 questions. In addition to the new questions, answers to some of the old questions (pdf) have been revised. For example, the correct answer to the question, “Who does a U.S. senator represent?” used to be “all the people of the state.” It is now “citizens of their state.”  One of the new questions asks, “Why is the Electoral College …

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Author: Ivan Pentchoukov