Delaware Voter Says ‘Enough Is Enough’

DOVER—Catherine Murphy actually hadn’t planned to join any demonstrations regarding the presidential elections. When her husband told her he wanted to go to a Stop the Steal rally in Dover, Delaware, one of many happening across the country on Nov. 14, Murphy said she wouldn’t be joining him. As a nurse, she wanted to keep her professional position apolitical. “But then I said, you know, if I can’t support my president, then how am I any different from anybody else who hides and stays inside? So if he’s going to be out there and he’s going to be fighting for us, I feel like I have to do my duty to fight for him,” Murphy said. “I came today because I feel it’s our constitutional right as Americans.” “I think America’s going through a lot of turmoil actually. I really feel unfortunately that the media is definitely in the tank,” …

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Author: NTD Television

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