~316~ Americans Just Proved They’re Ready To End The Drug War

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The War On Drugs has always been a despicable tool in the war against Black Americans and the hippy movement. Lee Camp opens the show this week by looking at how States across the US fought back against the war on drugs in the latest election. The liberalization of drug laws in the US is undoubtedly a good thing, especially because it upsets the corporate world and agents of the US Empire.

Also in this show:
Camp also covers Glenn Greenwald’s resignation from The Intercept, Amazon’s suppression of a book on the failures of capitalism in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, and a move from the European Union to ban end-to-end encryption.
Natalie McGill reports on a law that protects the identities of abusive cops and has been passed in over a dozen states. Marsy’s Law was meant to prevent the location and harassment of crime victims and their families but the police use it to protect their own from accountability.
Anders Lee and Camp sit down to discuss Donald Trump’s unhinged response to his electoral losses, hilarious US war games, and more.

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