Fauci Lets His Mask Slip, Flat Out Tells Americans: “Do What You’re Told”

This video may leave you speechless. But it shouldn’t. Deep down, as much as some of us tried putting a positive spin on things, we knew who Anthony Fauci was (see TUCKER CARLSON OBLITERATES FAUCI FOR GIVING A SOCIAL DISTANCING PASS TO PROTESTERS and JOCKO AND JOE ROGAN UNLOAD ON FAUCI: WE WERE ALL LIED TO). With the obvious exception of my editor Courtney, who was vocal about it from the beginning. In short: he’s a control freak. Keep reading, because in the video below, Dr. Fauci actually says “just do as you’re told.”

I’m a little shocked it took less than a week after the media named Joe Biden our president-elect for Fauci’s mask to come off. His metaphorical mask. Not the piece of cloth “experts” forget to say you can’t ever touch and need to clean at eleventy billion degrees in order for it to be in anyway effective. The video below is timestamped, but it comes in at 31:05 just in case the video doesn’t play when it should.

WATCH LIVE: Anthony Fauci and top health experts discuss Covid-19 second wave and vaccine — 11/12/20


I was talking with my U.K. colleagues who are saying the U.K. is similar to where we are now, because each of our countries have that independent spirit. I can understand that, but now is the time to do what you’re told.

I double don’t think I will since president-elect (in theory) Biden’s new expert wants a 4-6 week shutdown and massive debt. But what most bothers me about what Tony said isn’t the “do what you told” part. He can eat a d!ck with that. But it’s the casual way he took a crap all over American independence and thinking for yourself. Science schmience, what Fauci seemingly endorsed is authoritarianism. Let’s be clear, authoritarianism is not the guy who tweets dumb stuff when his feelings are hurt by someone else’s social media likes. Authoritarianism is an unelected bureaucrat who demands you shut up, fall in line, and if you don’t shut up and fall in line, the government will force you into submission.

But you know. Public health and stuff.

A meme is floating around social media about the left trying to convince people that “freedom” is “selfishness.” Fauci seemingly confirmed this is the left’s intent. If you’re not scared yet, maybe consider getting a bit chilled. But make sure you channel your feelings wisely. Not into submission.

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Author: Brodigan