Black Lives Matter is now making a clear distinction in the public mind that they are not just peaceful protesters. In addition, it appears they promote themselves as out in the open marxists that are looking for a revolution. Not a good change for the black community. In fact, it’s becoming clear this is a potential domestic threat to the US. As well as a vehicle of the authoritarian regime that wants to get back its power. We are already in the fall undergoing the traditions of presidential debates right before the election on November 3rd. It was only a few months ago in June when the Black Lives Matter movement began gaining steam. It’s clear for us that has been aware of this situation. For many other Americans, they are the most lost they probably ever been. 

Especially because of a global pandemic and a global economic devastation they do not understand. That’s why the establishment’s motive to utilize vehicles like Black Lives Matter at a time like this is low. The way they are continuously disregarding the American people is surprising. It’s clear the American public is up for sacrifice. At any time, in any amount to the Democrat Party, the establishment, and the communists. But the question is, for how long will these factions be unifying for? Because it definitely is not a forever term pact agreement. These two main factions, the deep state fascists and the communist anarchists will end up fighting for power. History tells repeatedly the communist anarchists always usually end up against the wall after helping the fascists get into power. But we are going to have to wait and see for sure. 

Because it’s clear the marxists are aware of their establishment counterparts. And they don’t like them. Although one is bankrolling the other, it’s going to be a sight to behold when they turn on them. The amount of bloodshed will be something people will never forget. But remember there is a racial component to this dual destruction avenue on the Black Lives Matter side. What will be the end result if the racial divide blueprint turns on the establishment fascists and Black Lives Matter go after people like Nancy Pelosi of George Soros? To make matters more saddening, is what will become of the American public that have no idea what is going on around them? Even worse what will become of those that unfortunately believe the false narrative that they have been clinging to with their dear lives?

Not everyone makes it through these sorts of times in history. Nor will it be different this time.


Black Lives Matter is currently showing cracks with their relationship with Antifa and the Democrat establishment. But an organization like Antifa appears to move with more conviction and order with strategic interests. Whereas an organization like Black Lives Matter seems to be more unstable on emotion. In addition, it appears open ended to variants of participants. Even though Antifa show to have various groups across the world, they seem to have a cohesive goal. A flow narrative. But Black Lives Matter appears to be comprising different groups like real black activists, black supremacists, convicts, communist marxists, leftist liberals, and more. Black Lives Matter is a more volatile religion that maintains exposure to violence more and more. Even more than Antifa at this moment. Watching Antifa, you can see calculations in their aggressions, dancing on the line of gray. But Black Lives Matter is continuing to grow in violence.

That’s not to say Antifa has not grown more violent as well, no they have. There is a clear greater rate of volatility with the Black Lives Matter riots than with Antifa. And obliviously this design is purposely the way it is. Antifa is just sustaining fire pressure and Black Lives Matter are the time bombs. More and more will lead to destabilization to make an opening for a forceful takeover, just as outlined by Revolver News surrounding the Color Revolution Model. This model has been developed upon the Russian demoralization model that graduated to the communist takeover models. Now the more refined Color Revolution Model and all its gamut is running in America, on Americans. Whether the outcome will be the same is yet to be seen, but the outcome is currently unfolding right now.

Black Lives Matter

In less than a month the world will see the greatest contested election in history. Probably the most sensitive election that will take place. Even until a long time later until next year. The current election is not all that fair given the circumstances of the Democrat Party tactics. In addition, paired with the media and the military industrial complex, this election is cracking in purity. Citizens not only in the United States, but citizens around the world as well take notice of this. Who knows what the Democrat party thinks about how their public optics appears to be to other countries. All we know is, authoritarian regimes don’t put much consideration to public optics, just more weight into totalitarianism. Democrats should be aware their political clout will be diminishing substantially. 

Nations that might be heavily religious with Catholics or Christians are likely not to be warm towards the Black Lives Matter movement endorsed by the Democrat Party. The Baltic and Balkan countries in Eastern Europe will likely not be understanding of the far LGBT doctrines of transgender surgical procedures for underage children. Although the power dynamics shift heavily towards the Democrats IF they win inside the United States, the same can’t be said outside the United States. What seems might be likely is the same ending story of a communist authoritarian takeover of a nation. Especially when you take into account the national economy and it’s relation to the global economic system, the story of the United States can look very grim. The collapse of an empire, the erosion of democracies. We will have to wait and see.

Black Lives Matter

As for the Black Lives Matter militants, the word is out now and they will have to live with the movement. Through and through. Whether it takes down a path dimly lit or bright emblazoned with the fires of a revolution they dream of. It’s a tragedy the issue of race specifically between white and black, is going down this road. Especially when it doesn’t need to, because most of this movement was based on a lie. Several years ahead will test this country and its citizens to their limits. So we know what the bad and confused people will do? What will the good guys need to do? First is to know what the movement is about. It’s a Marxist revolution that is running the program in the front lines with physical force for larger interests in the United States. Primarily interests opposite of the Trump administration. 

Many non governmental organizations have been linked to Black Lives Matter related organizations all supported and funded by George Soros. But this is no surprise to many Americans and citizens around the world. Especially citizens of which their own countries have been taken victim through a Color Revolution of their own. To them it has been obvious for some time how clear the situation is in the US. Particularly in the Balkan Region and Middle East who most recently this passed decade lived through the Arab Spring. What’s to come has extreme volatility, something that is fitting with the spiritual nature of Black Lives Matter. We should expect increasing instability in major cities and their surrounding urban areas. None of this takes into account the economic depression that we are in currently. Things will most likely get way worse.

At this time, the Black Lives Matter movement will have successfully taken the inner city black communities by the horn. They will flood misinformation and increase momentum once they receive their orders to, around now in election time. Many are expecting a civil war in the American society, but what might be more likely is a clash between the left and the law. Like the undeclared muscle of the Democrat Party. But again they are making the mistake that they are totally in unison. The fascist left and the communist left have differences they are going to have to clash with sooner or later. But the interesting point of this rising phenomenon is that this might be the new political guerrilla warfare for quite some time. It might be a new era of politics in the next decade as the Fourth Turning unfolds. The internet changed things.


As we see lines being crossed nearly at every corner of American politics on the streets it’s a similar story. All that has been happening is an increasing slope of anger any time a black suspect is detained or even questioned nowadays. What does this mean for the longer broader outlook of maintaining rule of law protocols. It means we were sliding down into remaking rule of law for only the woke religious followers. Winter is coming. It’s possible if not already happening where the leftist regime will be special privilege rulers of a new nation that births in the aftermath if things go really wrong. Things are already going wrong, but we just need to see if there will be a pivot or not. Of course Black Lives Matter is the engine to propel this special status for its members and allies, but will there be backlash?

I’m not talking about the push back we are seeing now for Twitter or city protests. I’m talking about will there be opposition against increasing special treatment for non conforming heretics of the woke religion? Most government bodies state and local, various agencies, tech companies, and corporate America all appear to agree with Black Lives Matter. If there is no denouncing domestic terrorism, it is largely aiding with their narrative because there is no pushback. If this continues we can expect to see a ramp up of a class protection across the board with more fervor than before. I’m not talking about just being cancelled on Facebook or being having your business ruined by local rioters. I’m talking about new regulations and laws regarding Black Lives Matter centric policies that has been wildly demanded. Certain cities have already accepted policies that do this with open arms.

How long will it be before it slides across the nation? 

Black Lives Matter

People used to make fun of those that wanted to get a second citizenship just in case. People who wanted to prepare if anything went seriously wrong in a country even a country as safe as the United States. After 2020 came around nobody made fun of these people really anymore. Over the last several years we have been seeing Americans renounce their citizenships to go abroad and live in other countries. Other reasons account for this like a digital nomad lifestyle preference and moving to much more affordable countries that will make your US Dollar stretch 4x more. But we also have much more public escape plans like many tech executives and billionaires from Silicon Valley that bought their golden visas in countries like New Zealand. It appears clearly now, Americans should think about more extensively on a plan regarding their future for their families. 

As we get closer to the elections it is obvious taxes will likely rise maybe regardless who becomes president. What is also clear is that if Joe Biden does become the president, taxes will skyrocket. The exit tax, corporate taxes, income taxes, any taxes will rise. The exit tax will probably be in every way more difficult if not impossible for an American citizen to pay to leave and renounce their citizenship. One ant walking his own road is fine, but then what about thousands, and then millions. The Biden Harris ticket has obvious goals of meeting some demands of the communist leftists and in order to do so they will need to raise taxes. One of these pinnacle demands is to smash the hammer on rich people. A core feature in the policies are oriented against the top and hostile to those that are wealthy.

What will likely happen is a hammer drop on American citizens utilizing complex tax structures that may be offshore. Or maybe living in Puerto Rico, benefiting off of the tax haven policies in that country. The Puerto Rico’s tax incentives for foreign investors, entrepreneurs, and companies in mainland America might be grow in interest after learning it. The tax structures allow a substantial reduction in personal and federal corporate income taxes. These policies were put in place after Puerto Rico was unable to recover well from hurricane destructions. This attracted many Americans to move to Puerto Rico and their businesses, to take advantage of these tax policies. However, before trying to move there yourself think through not just the tax policies, but political policies that might take shape.

Black Lives Matter

Remember, Puerto Rico is a US territory that wants to be part of the US by statehood. Democrats want this as well because it will solidify a supermajority Democrat federal government for decades or literally forever. If they drop the hammers on wealthy Americans living in Puerto Rico and serve their heads up it will please the communist leftists. Remember also, if the fascists gain power, they will need to fight and fend off the communist leftists to hold that power. Other ways to do this is to please them here and there and when the time is right, strike most of the down. The victims are still going to be Americans, so think wisely about your future backup plan if you choose to do so. But always know, this continuous attack on the wealthy will only rise and the punitive policies will actually become reality.

The continuous pressure from organizations like Black Lives Matter will force some hands of the Democrat Party. It’s culture, and politics reflects it. Look around you and see how the slide is normalizing certain aspects of the Black Lives Matter movement and its behavior. For example, the demanding of allegiance by raising one’s fist. Or for instance, roaming mobs going from restaurants to bars spewing propaganda similar to the radio outlets of the past, trying change minds by constant overbearing repetition. And also now bleeding into the suburbs in different areas. What’s unfortunate is that it’s going to be way worse and not just in America, but around the world particularly in western countries. The battle of America right now might be the first battles of many. The first chapter in a new kind of book, one that is kept sacred while all other books burn.

American communism is not the only threat right now, it’s global communism. America is definitely one of the largest battles, but not the only one. This new era we are heading to won’t allow much room for ignorance. Staying informed should stay a top goal. As we move into the next decade of extremes remain in focus. Don’t get discouraged or broken down when you see the country burning because of a certain direction of an election outcome. Or lack there of. Think things through and then double check. Stay strong willed, principled, and maintain a balanced perspective. Don’t forget to live your lives, because life keeps living. Keep your friends and families close. But of course… as they say, keep your enemies closer. 

Claim Your Sovereignty.

Declare Your Liberty.

Seize Your Destiny.


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Author: Poseidon