The Biden crime syndicate is just the surface of what the system actually is. There is much further to go with much more shock. It’s unbelievable the long path it took this country to get here from the rumors of the Clinton body count. But alas, here we are now. This does not mean we are turning things over completely, but it is showing a trajectory. The leaking of many videos, images, and audios are slews of evidences that are a part of many. They are out there, hopefully we find them all. Especially witnesses, but it’s understandable why nobody would want to come forward against this corrupt machine. Watching the pressure cascade on top of Joe Biden during this carpet bombing appears unreal. A long time coming. But where does it go from here? And how far does the resistance movement succeed?

Witnessing Obama run around trying to rally his troops as he once did is interesting. The troops don’t have as much moral or he has lost his rallying cry. Regardless, he is feeling the pressure crush atop his shoulders as well. Americans may be divided on what is the actual truth about the former president spying on another presidential candidate of the opposition. But for other nations and governments, it appears that they lean on the President Trump’s side at least when it comes to the China narrative. We will see how things unfold if President Trump wins this election. But if he doesn’t, we know full well we will never find the bottom of this corrupt regime. Let alone this Biden scandal. The evidences inside the laptop of Hunter Biden will be slowly forgotten and eventually disappear. It’s fascinating how such large historical shifts hinges on such small things.

So far the presidential debates that just finished did not hold the weight that it has for obvious reasons. The debates were diminished in importance because of the degradation of the tradition by the Democrats and the Media Mob. The second debate cancellation was unprecedented as was the whole debate being a unicorn situation. This is just another layer of decay of our republic. Another layer of process of a country’s declining power. Whether we continue this way is a question we have to seriously consider. We will see the landscape better after the presidential debate and election with the contested legal battles awaiting. To describe the shocking levels of corruption will surprise a lot of people. But diving into the deep and helping others swim through it will bring value.


Recalling the Democrat candidate debates will bring us memories of mostly nothing except two things. The radical push further to the left and the continued highlight of the authoritarian corporatist Democrats. Remember just about a year ago the Democrat Party and the Media Mob pushed every other candidate out of the way for Biden. Even momentum candidate’s like Bernie Sanders were sidelined once again. Of course, whether Bernie Sanders was a genuine candidate or just a sideshow is a debate. It goes to show these political elections from local mayor to even the presidential office, at some levels are controlled. Controlled by the worse institutions of this country, including ones we never could have imagined. Institutions like government agencies even ones that are supposed to be private like the Federal Reserve, giant tech companies, and foreign influences. The matrix veil is collapsing and it’s all falling on Joe Biden

Hopefully, the false housing doesn’t only collapse on Biden this time around. A better scenario is that Biden takes his syndicate down, along with the Clinton mafia and Obama regime. And maybe if the trajectory keeps getting better, there will be answers with tech companies, intelligence agencies, big pharmaceuticals and more. But for now the Biden syndicate is the target at full display. The way the Democrats operates currently overriding long standing proceedings shows the American people and the world who they really are. Everyone in the world is wondering what are they thinking about and why they are doing the things that they push. It gives insight to their intentions of no fair elections and no consideration for the public that they claim to fight for or even care for. It shows clearly what they are and it is being telegraphed to the people. Especially the black community.

But that doesn’t matter. This regime has a plan and that’s to prop Biden up through the courts up until the House decision in January. It’s amazing how they can take a mentally compromised Joe Biden that is having issues with his severely drug addicted son Hunter Biden and take him through the ringer. That’s not to say of course Papa Biden doesn’t have the incentive to go through all the way. Because he does. If President Trump wins re-election, the Trump administration is coming after them. The FBI and the CIA especially seem to be on standby awaiting the election results and probably the final outcome of the presidency early next year. If things go the right way, then we can expect highly probable unstable social unrest beginning the month of January. In addition, we will begin to see the real prosecutions gaining traction.

Hunter Biden

The crime investigations into Biden and Obama will probably take the stage for the rest of the year. On the ground level the Antifa and Black Lives Matter social unrest will likely be the main conversations. And on the macro global level the, global economy and flawed monetary system will be undergoing a revolution. All these criminal evidence, however, won’t be speeding up the time of unfolding events. Just this Biden syndicate will require time. Look at how much incriminating evidence and national security compromise there are and still Biden is on the plate as a candidate for the United States. Any sane nation that sees these major holes in the intelligence apparatus, will pull Biden out and put him into a box. Then investigations, hammer after hammer, onto the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ, and much more. Unfortunately, to get things that right, it’s going to take time.

It’s going to take even longer time for the American economy to get any near normal again. It might be a decade or two as it is clear we are heading down the path of Japan. Many others believe the endgame is much worse, and that is certainly possible. The Democrat’s strategy appears to be to tank the market around election by withholding the stimulus package. The markets currently seem to hold and not capitulate, but it’s a “Wile E. Coyote” situation. I won’t be surprised if Democrats fight to hold the stimulus even afterwards all the way to January. People wonder if Democrats understand that by doing this it hurts their image and forces people to turn away from them. But that’s exactly the point, they don’t care. They don’t need the people to go along with them. That is a hallmark of a fascist regime.

It doesn’t matter if people wake up. It does put some road blocks, but they are still operating with the risks of losing their constituents. They are making sure decisions to dictate an outcome of an election. An outcome of the direction of America. This regime wants to dictate everything because they see themselves as everything. Democrats have ties to big tech, big pharmaceuticals, the Media Mob, and the government agencies. The list is even longer internationally as well. The head appears to be the party of Davos at the World Economic Forum with very interesting ideas for all humans. Doesn’t matter what country and religion, these people appears to have already made decisions for us. What’s going to happen, how we are going to live, and what the world is going to do. And right now, these people are scrambling forward with their master plan.

I just want people to know… not everyone is going to be in this plan.


It’s clear the authoritarian regime holds power in Silicon Valley tech companies. After all that’s how Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats became rich. By getting into sweet IPO deals into tech companies before they got big. Every social media company is assisting the Democrats in anyway mostly by censorship. It has reached clear blatant levels that anyone can see, and yet they continue to march on. This is the true reality that we live in, not a fair treatment of discourse, but a dictation of what can be said or not. And it has been this way for some time. On every levels from entry level employee to top CEO and stockholders, these institutions are compromised with Marxist ideologies. What does this mean for the future of this country? What will be the endgame for the future of the world? Well that depends… on us.

Where we might be failing to fight against tech tyrants that are covering for Biden and covering for the mishaps of Hunter Biden, we are gaining elsewhere. In the media it’s clear the false veil is starting to fade away. Obviously many people still are inside the media matrix, but after the recent covering of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal shows there is a clear bias and fear. It’s not only obvious to many Americans, but other citizens around the world know that there is malicious intent to steer the election towards Biden. This has created a driving skyrocketing demand into center and right media outlets. New organizations are ramping up their status like Daily Wire, Daily Caller, National Pulse, and much more. New media companies have been starting left and right to combat the corrupt Democrat media arm. 

What’s worse than old media are the new social media companies in this new age of information warfare. With scientists continuously trying to character engineer people and with predictive programming behavioral techniques to steer societies. Just as how the Chinese social media companies are weapons for the CCP, American social media companies are the weapons of the Democrats. Think about how these companies were able to scale as fast as they did, most really under a decade. They got special provisions under the law and do not follow the constitution. Nor do they follow traditional lawful political practices and it’s only gotten worse. Even now they walk and talk with no worries of the law. It should give an idea how much power the office of the current presidency and senate does not have. This is an issue because it leaves an room for struggle of power.

It leaves open room for a revolution. A color revolution maybe. The rule of law breakdown shows that the country is in a struggle between various factions, primarily two. One is pro America the other is world economic forum utopian future. We are reaching a more unstable situation that will be prolonged. In addition, we are going to have to go through long weeks of weeding out traitors within government agencies. Of course whether the use of the word “traitor” is correct in this context or not, is debatable. Because there isn’t just one or couple of actors with ideologies. The country is half entrenched into the ideologies of the party of Davos. Might even be more when you factor the weak confused Americans in the middle that are thinking well let’s try, or maybe they’re right. It’s so large that you can’t directly point to people as traitors now. 


The number of government agencies and private organizations that march with the Democrats and their narrative is surprising. We all witness continuously that the CIA, FBI, and DOJ especially have shielded both Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. Not only does Biden get the protection, but so does other Democrat allies that are in bed with the same group. All the way down to mayors and governors. From police captains to attorney generals. The corruption and mutated ideology of Marxism runs deep within this country. This is why I understand the doom, gloom, escape pod crowd when it comes to the inability to turn the tide of this nation around. But at the end of the day, nothing is inevitable. The Destiny of this country and the greater world is in the hands of the people… in your hands.

We are in a time where the surviving cultural values and principles will remain as the new drivers of this country.

The Deep State for those that don’t subscribe to the truth, will be nothing more than confusion. These people will not understand what is going on around them, nor will they understand where the weight of their future will lie. For those that have known, understand the program is cracking. The corrupt machine that works in tandem with other mechanical problems in this country is showing flaws. Now as we head into an accelerated momentum towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a digitized world, surprising events will likely happen. The documents from the laptop of Hunter Biden is the end for the Joe Biden presidency. This is why no major mainstream media outlet are reporting on this matter. It is also the reason why many political organizations and politicians are trying to ignore the evidence. It’s the reason why social media companies are censoring highly damaging Biden information.

When it dives into the crimes of pedophilia, the questions become more complex and confusing. Here is one of the strongest political family, who a presidential candidate Biden is running for the most powerful office in the world. And there are allegations and evidence on Biden being guilty of crimes in relation to pedophilia. How is it that nobody knew what was going on? Why is it the therapist that was learning of this behavior did not report to the police? Especially under the law of mandatory reporting regarding child endangerment? Why was the evidence when given to the Delaware police, did the police just shove it to the FBI instead of securing the safety of children? And how did the FBI sit on this evidence and not do anything for 9 months? This issue is systemic. The true systemic threat in this country. 


Are the Qanon communities on to something? Have what they have been saying hold real weight when it comes to the pedophilia sex cults? Does Alex Jones have legitimate claims to the child sex trafficking ring networks in North America and Europe? These are questions now that cannot be ignored. Especially because these general similar so called “conspiracy theories” are actually the same kind grouped together. There are variations, but the overall theory is similar. And what’s more interesting is that the theory is not just a North American theory. But also apparently alive in South America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, and more. It’s not just in United States, or United Kingdom. This cult theory is rampant across multiple countries of different origins. What people see that are on the outside of this theory, is that it appears the theory is congregating.

After Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, people are beginning to see these theories FUNNELING. Not only are these theories funneling, but they are also heading toward a DIRECTION that appears to be narrowing the further it goes. How many of these people do you think will decide they want see where this road takes them? It’s also worth noting that these theories are not right wing. It’s actually a wide spectrum even left wing investigators. Step aside from these theories and see the interesting reactions of the media. Look at the reactions of those that are accused and the Democrats along with their allies like the Media Mob. It’s highly interesting how their behavior is when it comes to these “conspiracy theories.” The very words are like the programmed mechanical scapegoat. Whatever happens down the line, I’m sure many of us are thinking the same thing. 

Let’s dance, and see where the hell the rabbit hole goes.


The month of November the world will witness the Biden story in its full essence. They are going to piece together the Hunter Biden tragedy and corruption with international business. It will also reveal many other possible Democrats involved. There are a lot of politician’s children that benefited heavily from selling the interests of the United States out to the CCP. The slow continuous email leaks from Hunter’s laptop is just a tug and pull trap. The Media Mob and Democrats know this, which is why they don’t deny the story in full. They carefully trot around the story in order to make it to the election. Only to cross the November 3rd date to start the legal war right after. Biden and his mentality is not unique to Joe and Hunter Biden. It is systemic in the Democrat Party and upper echelon elites of this country.

How many Democrat children’s future was single handily altered positively at the expensive of the deplorable’s family? How many big pharmaceutical middle men companies continue be rich while the Democrats broker the deal for a cut, while the rest suffer from astronomical high costs? The leaked audios from Hunter and his business partnerships is just a sliver of a decaying carcass. The images of him with questionable unidentifiable females is not a new story. People are already wondering if they see any familiarity with Naomi Biden or Finnegan Biden. Especially because emails leak of Jill Biden was concerned of Hunter’s inappropriate, harmful behavior with an underage member of the Biden family. These problems cross from pedophilia crimes with incest issues. These allegations are not new, the difference is there is hard concrete evidence.

But the worst part of these crimes from the Biden syndicate, are the financial crimes. The money trail is what is most damning. The financial crimes committed by this corrupt Biden family will show the world a glimpse into the administrative state. The true Deep State apparatus and how truly long the corruption is. Just imagine the terror these criminals have committed and prepared to go further lengths into the depths of hell to get what they want. The Biden family story of corruption is just the beginning. What we need to do is stay vigilant so we can empower the flame to be bright enough to light the night sky. Even in the darkest corners of the Deep State, the most darkest secrets of corruption. Into darkest of night, let’s not go quietly.

Joe Biden

What happens here in the election is the kick off of the revolution. President Trump’s victory appears to have a stronger chance since last year, even though the polls say otherwise. However, the counting won’t be finished after election night, nor will the declaration of the victor. Remember, Election Day is just a process, part of a longer legal war that is already coming our way. Law firms and lawyers have already been preparing for war and will go head to head starting in November. Come this January, we will get to see if this Republic is still the America the world knows. Or we will see if the Old Americana might be slowly, but surely going away. No matter what happens, keep fighting. It doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, nor does it mean it might be the end of this country. 

Maybe it’s a process of evolution. But which direction? If President Trump wins in January, it will be an uphill battle until the next 4 years. Then the cycle begins all over again, until the next 4 years and on. It’s tiring, and tedious for sure. But I suppose that will depend on each individuals tolerance and belief that this is worth freedom and liberty. The fight that is required to keep it. Very volatile events will be happening for sure we don’t even have to say to much about it. Antifa and Black Lives Matter have both already begun planning their siege and takeover of an entire city district, Washington DC. There are serious concerns the domestic terror groups have been compiling prominent individuals in the Republican Party for assassination. Come around election time, actual rising murders will be the plan to force the hand of pro Americans.

The possible futures of America and the world is not written in stone. It is in our hands. Maybe it’s true the path of this nation follows all the others. But maybe it does not. When the air is difficult to breath and the unfolding events are tough, throw your fists and unleash your kicks. Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. Don’t forget to live, remember good times with your friends and family. When they demand you to your fists, raise your fists to their faces. When they tell you to kneel tell them…

Before I kneel, I will rather burn alive so that I can dance in the flames.


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Author: Poseidon