Anti Fascists continue to sustain firepower out on the streets of American society. The worst continuous abuse is visibly in the Northwest Pacific Region. It’s obvious to Americans and the world, this region will have a severe difficulty to bounce back from the economic damage it is receiving. In addition to future massive budget deficits, these cities will have to deal with the political leftist corruption in their local government. Ted Wheeler was a surprise to many people when it comes to how radical his political beliefs are. In addition, in general when you look at the leftist radical beliefs they are not only political, but actually all encompassing. It’s what makes them who they are, it’s what their identities are made of. I think this is where many Americans and other citizens get the most confusion from. 

Many might think that this is just an aspect of the Anti Fascists, but it’s not. It’s their special feature. It’s not only their way of life for a larger part of their lives. As of recent it is now the primary focus of their being. This sort of radical belief and association within the Anti Fascists Bubble is what will help Antifa individuals push themselves further than before. Protest longer than before. Riot harder than before. Risk larger than before. These religions of the woke and post modernism is concerning as it appears it will affect the future greatly. This battle against leftists does not appear to be just a couple years issue, but maybe a multi decade problem. Remember even though Anti Fascists types end in eradication within one country, it might be thriving in another. 

If a lone terrorist in one country is alone, they might find allies in another. The sad reality is this is the same for Black Lives Matter as well. In all honesty, from now on as the internet connects the world more in many ways, it will also raise various threat levels in other ways. This is not a doom and gloom perspective as the globalists maintain. But rather voicing the importance of vigilance evolving in this oncoming 21st century and beyond. The current Fourth Turning that is unfolding is one we must better learn and understand to minimize fallout in societies. The race in the Fourth Industrial Revolution is something everyone will need to keep their eyes on. Especially if you are in the workforce or parent with children to better position a capable competitive human being. Specifically for future industries that are being competed for globally.

Anti Fascists

It’s no surprise there are concerns about the United States not situating itself as best it can because of the current Cultural Revolution. The ongoing riots stemming from Anti Fascists terrorists and Black Lives Matter continue on. It continues humming with firepower to only increase as we get closer to the election. But contrary to many people’s beliefs, the election might not be the worst of civil unrest. It might be the beginning ramp up, but possibly not the climax. This is because the presidency will be contested and legal teams on both sides are preparing to go to court battle. Many Americans know the result might come in November, but the final decision appears it will take place in January. And it is here, where I personally believe will be the kick off of a new era. It is here where 2021 will make 2020 look like a warmup.

The Anti Fascists and Black Lives Matter groups support has been diminishing over time. It will at one point might have to bifurcate and split off on its own. If you take a look at certain Democrat sects they also notice this. They themselves at times distance themselves completely from these organizations whereas before there was much more conviction. The Anti Fascists groups and the Black Lives Matter before, captured many support from a slew of different citizens around the world. From companies, to sports organizations, celebrities, politicians, and more from all around. To many Americans it was a shock to remember. The continuous dominos falling, and kneeling to the mob. But now it’s starting to be a different landscape. It’s fairly clear that when looking at the two sides of say, the Anti Fascists and Democrat Party, one of them is more professional. 

It’s clear the Democrat Party is formulating a contingency plan to mitigate damage from the Anti Fascists. They appear to have two different types of operational security systems. One of which is possibly a Universal Basic Income or MMT stimulus package. It’s to keep the money rolling into the accounts of the uneasy to keep them slowing drugged on printed money. It’s a payoff to the rioters to lay low in exchange for the money. Not all the believers of these new religions will bite this deal, so we will have to see how the groups mutate inside each other. The other strategy is obviously slamming down force into the riots. The Democrat Party already have a great setup for this which is Covid-19 and in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus, they have to lockdown. With force if necessary.

Anti Fascists

Regardless, the road into winter will be continuous pulsation of these riots leading to an increasing growth of violence. Expect the Democrats dancing on the line and endorsing the Anti Fascists groups as did Obama not too long ago. We can also foresee the FBI involvement in mitigating Joe Biden’s crime scandal as well. Hopefully, good agents in the organization will rise and fight against this heinous crime syndicate. But don’t forget people like the Clintons. The Biden crime syndicate is just a weak part of a deep corrupt system. The Deep State, hopefully is now apparent in many people’s minds. Because let me assure you laggers, citizens round the world are not as blissfully ignorant. They are onto the cabal. The left can continue to denounce it as a conspiracy theory. But citizens in various countries from South America, Africa, Asia and more don’t believe so.

The interesting unfolding of Ideological Subversion is upfront brutal dishonesty by the Deep State and enemies. Whether you question them to their faces, even with evidences, they continue to be what they are. The worst criminals in modern history. Notice how when the leftists or Anti Fascists make schemes or play tricks when people search for truth. Whether in government or civil society, in confrontation with the truth, they still obfuscate and deny it. Especially when it comes to the actual existence of the Anti Fascists and receiving domestic terrorists classification. The Democrats deny it and call them youth of the future. The Media Mob calls them peaceful protestors. The FBI deny the existence and claims they are an idea. What do you think is going on? What do you think they are thinking? Because we sure as hell know they don’t actually believe people will believe them.

No… this is called dancing on the line.

Anti Fascists

The various Anti Fascists groups are international, they expand beyond North American borders. In fact their birth came from Europe during the Second World War, but entirely for a different reason. Over time others take the mantle and different mutations keep reoccurring. All the way until the meaning or the name doesn’t mean anything except, domestic terrorism. Many of its members today are not what they market themselves as. Their actions to this day have successfully proven two things to people. To one side of people they prove themselves as true Anti Fascists. To other they prove themselves as exactly the opposite. We know which is which. A large segment of the global population should be able to tell which is the truth and which is the lie. One of the reasons is because it comes down to the legitimacy of violence.

Many Anti Fascists groups have fought in wars in the Middle East. Others have been trained tactically and professionally by veterans. We are not talking about the colored haired Portland rioters or other Antifa diplomats. We are talking about the professionals. The real deal. The mentality of these members are hardened. They wage a tactile war against current society and civil functions. What they see and hear is something they have to fight against because to them it is worth the cost. The fight for true Anti Fascists is not about the equality or some protection for the fragile. It’s about toppling the system they believe to be corrupt and unredeemable. So the whole things needs to come crashing down in order for them to have a say how the next world should be. 

However, it’s interesting how the communist Marxists are looking to burn it down the same. But build something new on top of it with entirely different intentions than the Anti Fascists. There will be blood for power when the time comes. Maybe not with each other in the beginning, but likely later on we can expect to see twists and turns. But that brings us to a problem of future events that people need to prepare and avoid. Unfortunately, because of the crippling pandemic on the economy, many people are unable to increase their financially mobility. People will need to scrape for scarce opportunities. Many will have to work harder and longer for much less than before. But should not give up towards their goals. People must stay strong and help others along the way.

Anti Fascists

This is where many Americans need to figure out one thing. To what extent will these so called Anti Fascists be at peace with the purge of heretics? To what ends will these self proclaimed sinless totalitarians carry out violence? Is the violence that we see now on civil streets the worst the Anti Fascists can commit? Will these domestic terror groups be temporary for one more year, or is this a multi-year phenomenon? If it will continue for years, then for how long? When we look at events such as the Financial Crisis or Civil Wars of nations, it’s ongoing. It’s not something that is built up in a day, nor does it end in one. Likewise, these pulsating events like the pandemic will be ongoing. The deflationary forces, the global economy, and the banking monetary system itself will only exacerbate this historical timeline.

These points in history reminds us how little we are and the impacts that we have on the world is through the way we live. Not by how much we have in materialistic things. Not by how much attention one receives on social media. And by heaven and earth, not by how many questionable things you can do and and get away with. A problem we are seeing especially in the United States of the upper echelons of government, corporate, education, and administrative institutions. Lastly, the most important question is… are you ready to adapt? Have you taken measures to prepare you and your family for the hard times to come? If you immediately snapped away in dismissal, know that you are a result of behavior programming by the social media companies. If you instead smiled because you already prepared, then you’re a survivor. 

For the people that don’t know what I’m talking about… god help you.

Anti Fascists

The unfolding and molding of the new frontier of human societies will be highly interesting in Europe. Especially when looking at the Anti Fascists groups in various countries of Europe, from east to west. The United States appear to have the big tech companies like Google and Facebook that will be spearheading behavioral economics. Social scores and behavior modification of human beings is the future that is not coming… it’s already here. What will these systems be like in Europe and America? Or will they be unilaterally approved by forcing functions. How will the Anti Fascists group react when the true totalitarians begin implementing these changes and split from the leftists? It’s going to be a clash that will help everyone understand with their own two eyes, how these communist movements start and end.

What was going through the minds of Yuri Bezmenov when he was witnessing the very subversions he was involved in the past, happening in the United States. There are so many different scenarios that unfold in many different ways. But the end results are few in comparison and we only have past historical references to forecast the future of the United States and the world. Societal collapses sound far fetched and too distant from realistic scenarios. But it’s not, and it is a constant that reoccurs in almost every country, everywhere, time after time. What’s more concerning in America is not just social clashes anymore, it’s the shift in American culture. The culture is mutating and devolving quicker with more shocking developments continuously going downhill. The cultural tolerance and leniency to things like pedophilia appears is growing.


The fact is the culture in America and Europe appear to be wrestling with these ideologies. Issues with child adult sexual relationships and revising history. Dictating truth and lies, redefining words and meanings. It is severely concerning and it doesn’t help when there are idiots that don’t believe it is possible to bring any of this to legislation. It’s people that brush everything off as a “conspiracy theory” that will be left with their empty hands wondering what the hell happened. The Netflix show Cuties drew controversy, but not enough of it. As now you can see, it is now an old story. But what’s more interesting is the approval of a show from top to bottom of an organization like Netflix that amasses data as much as any other tech companies. Netflix then can continuously recommend Cuties to a playlist for many users even depending on age.

The company then can essentially groom children to be open to the idea of sexual behavior at an unreasonable young age. No different that Hollywood, just much better and faster than before. Nobody is say a legislation for condoning pedophilia is going to pass. But the point is that extreme far leftist ideologies are passing in certain legislation in various countries. For example, United States, Canada, and United Kingdom inner political movers and other top groups are pushing to accept something like the 1619 project. These western countries have substantial influence to accept a revisionist history and leftists ideologies. Ideas like transgender surgically young children. Or not considering gender as real, and lowering the age of sexual consent. There are a slew of others that will be in discussion down the road. American eyes need to be brought to attention of laws that seem to be coming sooner.

Laws that change abusive data practices. An example is Netflix which is also a data company not just entertainment. Netflix uses your data along with others and runs it through algorithms. From these algorithms comes the best hit shows on Netflix. It computes public interests, your niche preferences, and people’s data. For instance, House of Cards. Then people watch, gives data, news shows, and round the world goes.


The legislations in play that might come sooner are the tax laws in the United States. Overall  taxes will likely rise especially in blue states because of enormous budget deficits. But states like California is opting to pass tax regulations that will tax a citizen even after they leave the state of California. So to be clear, even if you move out of California, they can tax you anywhere for up to 10 years. The logic in lawmakers minds is that the benefits the citizen received to help succeed their business comes from the positives of living in California. But to say that one’s success came from a network of other people living in the same area, and then say the local government takes a cut of human cooperation is questionable. 

Lawmakers in these sorts of areas keeping taking an inch by inch. They keep changing certain definitions of what words or actions are. They keep dancing around the line of what is law and what they believe should be or not be. It is clear that regardless who is President, certain states will be implementing tax hikes in order to survive. Politicians and government official tails are on the line, and they have no concern for any other citizen. What’s going to unfold during this coming winter will probably make Americans jump out of their seats. Many will wonder is America going back to where it was, or will it go down leftist communism? Others will wonder is America going to balkanize, or may find greener pastures that are not insane? Whatever happens be ready for turbulence we haven’t seen before.

Stare adversity dead straight in the eyes and steadfast. These presidential elections proves an unprecedented time period where the second debate never took place because of one candidate. The media blackout protection because of one preferred candidate. Governmental agencies like the IRS, CIA, and especially the FBI covering because of one candidate. And this one Democrat candidate Joe Biden… is corrupt. Think about that.

Let the hurricanes take us, where they may.


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