US Election: Trump loses ground, blames ‘illegal votes’ | DW News

US Election: Trump loses ground, blames ‘illegal votes’ | DW News

Donald Trump’s lead in two battleground states has narrowed, while his rival Joe Biden has slipped in Arizona. Meanwhile, angry protests and threats have been reported at vote counting centers.

US President Donald Trump and his Democratic challengers Joe Biden made statements on Thursday night as the counting of votes continued across the United States and the results in key states remained undeclared. Trump’s path to reelection appeared to get narrower as more mail ballots were being counted. Biden was fast catching up with Republican incumbent’s leads in Pennsylvania and Georgia. With Arizona included in the tally, the Democratic candidate was just six electoral votes away from winning the presidency Thursday night. The Associated Press (AP) called Arizona for Biden on election night, but most networks are yet to do so. DW uses election data from AP.Meanwhile, Trump sought to undermine the confidence in the US election by making unsubstantiated claims about the integrity of the results.

US President Donald Trump’s campaign has filed lawsuits in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia, setting the stage for a legal showdown to decide the winner of the tightly contested US presidential election. The Trump team has demanded that the counting of votes be suspended in Michigan, where it said the campaign has been denied "meaningful" access to locations where ballots are being processed.


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