SCNR Investigates: Guo Knows – Part I

In our premiere episode of SCNR Investigates, we set up the stakes surrounding the seemingly omnipresent Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui. From yacht time with Steve Bannon to stogies with Rudy Giuliani and what seem like near-constant online flame wars with the Chinese Communist Party’s elite, Guo is a busy man with a complicated plan that no on can seemingly wrap their heads around. Is Guo the firebrand dissident he claims to be, or is he secretly working for the CCP? Did he develop a cryptocurrency with as-yet unknown parties against which he committed securities fraud through his GTV app? How does his existence intertwine with the 1MDB scandal? Watch and find out. (Editorial note: Requests for comment from Guo Wengui, Apple, and Stripe went unanswered as of air time.)

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