Huawei’s global VP suddenly dies in China; China reacts to US election, tightens news coverage

The US is electing its next president. Various reactions can be seen in China, where people don’t have the right to vote. And Chinese currency plunges during the US election.

China suspended Ant Group’s stock market listing. It was set to be the biggest listing in history at $34 billion dollars.

Huawei’s vice president suddenly passed away. He led Huawei’s strategy to counter criticism from the international community.

After 8 pro-democracy Hong Kong lawmakers were arrested, a reporter is now facing the same fate. She did an investigation into police behavior. And Canada may evacuate its citizens from Hong Kong.

And India, the US, Japan and Australia began their largest naval drill in over a decade in the Indo-Pacific. It’s aiming to balance China’s military aggression.

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