~314~ The Giant Fraud of Late-Stage Capitalism

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Lee dives into a story that perfectly illustrates the stupidity of late-stage capitalism. Foxconn is a massive Chinese electronics manufacturer that became well-known for putting up suicide nets to stop its employees from killing themselves — and for making the iPhone. In 2016. Scott Walker, the former governor of Wisconsin, offered significant tax breaks to Foxconn if they would bring 13,000 temporary jobs (which they didn’t deliver) to Wisconsin workers. Foxconn accepted the deal but soon realized that they couldn’t build a profitable electronics factory in Wisconsin. The story just gets stranger and sadder from there.

Also in this episode:
In "Taking The News From Behind" Lee covers the newest hyper-religious Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, the continued trend of police killing young black people without any accountability and then beating those who protest their violence, and Trump’s shady tax history.
Anders Lee takes a look at the ridiculous measures that Uber and other rideshare companies are taking in California to bamboozle people into voting for Proposition 22. Prop 22 would save Uber and Lyft from classifying the drivers who make their companies function as employees and denying them living wages and benefits. To fight the policy Uber is plastering propaganda across the state, including on their app, that spreads the idea that if rideshare companies were forced to properly compensate their drivers the world would end… or something like that.
Naomi Karavani finishes the show off with reports on a leak that the Department of Homeland Security was illegally trying to shut down leaks, victories for the first lawyer to challenge bankruptcy code for student loans, and how Walmart is suing the US to evade lawsuits over its role in accelerating the bankruptcy crisis.

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