President Trump tests NEGATIVE for covid

President Trump tests NEGATIVE for covid

President Trump has tested negative for COVID-19 multiple times and is no longer infectious, according to White House physician Dr. Conley:

The important part:

I can share with you that [the President] has tested negative, on consecutive days, using the Abbot BinaxNOW antigen card.

It is important to note that this test was not used in isolation for the determination of the president’s current negative status. Repeatedly negative antigen tests, taken in context with additional laboratory and data…all indicated a lack of detectable viral replication.

Conley goes on to say that all of this has informed their medical assessment that President Trump is NOT infectious to others.

I’m sure it won’t matter to the anti-Trump media, who would rather believe in a conspiracy that Trump’s doctor is deceiving the public in order to cover for him.

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