[VIDEO] Local AZ Reporter Shocked No Supporters Showed Up Outside Harris/Biden Campaign Event

Hey, in case you didn’t know, Biden is 765 points ahead in the polls!

Don’t believe me?


Well, just look at this festive campaign event he and Kamala are hosting today in Arizona.

It’s on FIRE!

It’s actually not in “fire,” as a matter of fact, you wouldn’t know there was an event in the building if the very confused local reporter hadn’t told you there was…and trust me,  she’s completely baffled at this whole thing.

Where’s all the people? 

So, turns out that Biden and Harris (sorry, HARRIS and Biden) showed up in Arizona for a big campaign event…but apparently nobody else did.

Well, sure, the staffers and whatnot who were invited showed up – those mooches never miss a beat, but I’m talking about supporters – the people who stand outside and hold signs and drum up excitement and spread enthusiasm….those people were nowhere to be found.

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Biden’s team tried to make excuses for the lack of supporters showing up, saying, “oh, well, we didn’t announce the location or time until the last minute.”

Uh, huh…sure. It’s always an excuse.

This is a national political campaign for the White House, and I don’t think I’ve seen a group of people gathered together that exceeds 100 folks since Biden started his campaign.

You can watch the video below:

I stand by what I have said all along. You can’t win an election without enthusiasm. It’s the driving force behind every single campaign. It’s what gets people motivated to vote.

And I don’t care how many mail-in ballots the left conjures up, it won’t be enough to make up for the enthusiasm gap between Trump and Biden. I truly believe it will be a mile wide.

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Make sure you and all your pro-Trump friends and family are ready to vote on election day…and ask around and help bring others to the polls as well.

Let’s all go above and beyond for the man who fights so hard for us every single day.

If we show up en masse, we win. It’s that simple.


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