University of Kentucky Forces ‘White’ RAs Into Segregated Trainings Called ‘White Accountability Space’

In an exclusive email to Young America’s Foundation (YAF), an anonymous tipster said that the University of Kentucky’s residential assistant training session was broken up into two groups.

One group consisted of any RA that identifies as a “black, indigenous, person of color.” The second group was “one for RAs who identify as white.”

The email caused several red flags that should concern anyone, no matter their race. First, their “speaker” is the liberal hack, Brandon Colbert. He is responsible for labeling American institutions such as our national anthem, the flag, the Police, and Independence Day as racist.

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His new Twitter account is locked (probably to keep his racism behind closed doors), but his bio says he is a “Black. Husband. Believer. Social Justice Educator. Communication Student. Higher Ed Pro. ΑΦΑ.” This is the man they have chosen to teach the UK’s RA “microaggressions and microinvalidations in the workplace” training.

The white students were forced into two groups, also called segregation or reverse racism.

The ‘white’ RA’s were forced into training that made them recognize times in their life; they were the perpetrator of “microaggressions and microinvalidations.” The ‘white’ RA’s had to learn material ahead of their training called ‘White Accountability Space’ and very made to “display” the information, ‘common racist behaviors and attitudes of white people,’ given to them onto their computers. While the other group, made up of students that identify as a “black, indigenous, person of color,” were not given any work to read before their scheduled training.

The racist behaviors included in the “attitudes of white people” training were:

  • “believe they have ‘earned’ what they have, rather than acknowledge the extensive white privilege and unearned advantages they receive”
  • “accept and feel safer around people of color who have assimilated and are ‘closer to white’”
  • “focus on their ‘good intent’ as whites, rather than on the negative impact of their behavior”
  • “focus on how much progress we have made, rather than on how much more needs to change”
  • “want people of color to ‘get over it’ and move on quickly”
  • “segregate themselves from people of color and rarely develop authentic relationships across race”

These instances are racist for sure, but not in the way the author wants to show.

The American dream works for you, no matter your skin color, as long as you earn the dream. You don’t get the dream for free. Someone had to work to earn that dream.

The statement saying that it is racist to “feel safer around people of color who have assimilated and are ‘closer to white’” is conveniently forgetting that it is a natural reaction to gravitate towards others that think, feel, act, speak, or lived similarly. For example, two men, of any race, from America, moving to England for the first time are likely to gravitate toward one another because they remind each other of home.

They want the white RA’s to view themselves and other whites as evil people that even though some have ‘good intent,’ we must denounce their whiteness for others’ safety. In training about racism, there sure is a lot of racism.

The last point was really the icing on the proverbial cake.

The training material states that whites “segregate themselves from people of color and rarely develop authentic relationships across race;” this just simply isn’t true. However, training like this makes forming healthy relationships between whites and people of color a lot harder.

Americans worked hard to develop healthy relationships between all races in the ’60s and ’70s. America did away with racist policies like “segregation.” Why are so many willingly bringing back into the norm of society? The thought that we all live in a society that values hard work and dedication is now racist.

Black children are taught that white children think they are dumb and lazy, which isn’t true. White children don’t actually think that black children are dumb and lazy, but they use this trope to feed the victim narrative. The longer they can peddle this new form of racism, the longer they survive on their grift.

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