Tattoo On Denver Shooter That Killed Trump Supporter Shows Ties To Left Wing Activists Group

Tattoo On Denver Shooter That Killed Trump Supporter Shows Ties To Left Wing Activists Group

The Denver security guard that shot and killed a Trump supporter tattoo shows that he may have ties to a left-wing group that supports the George Floyd riots.

Independent Journalist, Tim Pool recognized the tattoo.

Pool discovered that the Denver security shooter is a vocal Bernie supporter, Leftist, and an Occupy Activist however, debunked previous reports that he was a member of Antifa. He also hammered 9News for not properly vetting their security guard.

There was a lot of chaos after the shooting but 9News did admit it was their security guard that fired the shot.

CBS 4 in Denver photographer, Brian Loma recorded the shooting, was quoted saying, “We all looked up. We saw a spray of pepper spray poof into the air and then a guy, a shot. The man had his arm up, gun in his hand and shot him point blank range.”

CBS News reported:

The man who was shot was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. He was identified by rallygoers as a man who had attended the Patriot Muster rally.

Until the shooting, the rally was peaceful. Protestors identifying themselves as anti-Facist, communists, and pro-Black Lives Matter were kept at a distance.

Denver police kept a strong presence during the event.

“Our primary purpose is to deescalate the situation. We can’t have any further violence in conjunction with what happened today,” said Division Chief Joe Montoya.

It does not appear the violence had a direct link with one side opening fire on the other.

Since the police were keeping the side close together, it looks like this security guard (who had no business being a bodyguard) got into an exchange with a Trump supporter and fatally shot him.

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Written by Staff WriterOctober 11, 2020

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