Shocking New Details Regarding Shooting of Denver Trump Supporter Blows Media’s “Security Guard” Narrative Away

Yesterday, a patriot by the name of Lee Keltman was murdered by a far-left nutjob named Matthew Dolloff.

Mr. Keltman designed cowboy hats. He was a good man, who loved his country and supported the police and President Trump.


But, thanks to 9 News Denver, a local TV news station, he’s now dead.

9 News Denver supposedly “hired” security for their reporter Kyle Clark, who was covering the pro-police and anti-police protesters in the city.

At one point, the “security” person that 9 News Denver hired got into an altercation with Mr. Keltman. Words were exchanged, and Mr. Keltman got out his mace, and then before you know it, the far-left “security” person reportedly opened fire and killed Mr. Keltman.

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When word first spread, the buzz was that it was an Antifa member who killed a Trump supporter in Denver.

But then, very oddly and quickly, the Denver police squashed that story and said it was a “security guard” hired by the TV station.

However, that entire “rushed” narrative has just fallen apart.

We’ve now learned from several local Denver news stations that the far-left man was not a “security guard.” He was not employed by anyone, and he didn’t have a license to operate as a security guard and he also didn’t have a license for his firearm that he used to allegedly murder Mr. Keltman.

Reporter Andrea Flores said the following: “NEW: Denver Dept of Excise and Licenses confirms “there is no record for an active licensed security guard now or ever for an individual named Matthew Doloff or Dolloff. If he was operating as a security guard, he was in violation of the law”. More tonight on @CBSDenver at 10p”

Many people have dug into the background of Matt. Dolloff, and he’s definitely a far-left activist.

Under political affiliations, he listed himself as a “socialist.” He also has many different ties to leftist activist groups, including the anti-capitalism/communist group “Occupy Wall Street.”

This Twitter thread I found online has a wealth of information on Mr. Dolloff and his far-left past.

This new discovery has led many people to go back to their earlier assumption that this young man could possibly be linked to ANTIFA.

Regardless, he’s a far-left radical just by his social media and online history.

Also, one thing we’ve noticed with ANTIFA is they do a lot of “unofficial” security work, so this scenario would fit many other molds.

The Trump supporter who was killed in Portland last month was shot by a member of ANTIFA, and he also did “unofficial” security work as well.

Not so surprisingly, the mainstream media is now really steering clear of this story.

The last thing that they want to do is bring any attention to “violent far-left radicals” while they’re trying to drag old Dementia Joe over the finish line.

One thing we can say for sure is that 9 News Denver will likely be facing a slew of lawsuits and hopefully some criminal charges too.



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