Reaction after Pelosi unveils bill to examine president’s health; Jewish, Catholic groups sue Cuomo

0:00 House Introduces Bill to Examine President’s Health
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) introduced a bill that would operate under the 25th Amendment. It would create a congressional body with the power to determine whether or not a president is healthy enough to lead the nation. One constitutional scholar says it’s a good idea overall, but questions its timing, and says he sees some constitutional violations in its details.

6:20 Court Pauses Wisconsin Absentee Ballot-Counting Extension
A U.S. appeals court in Wisconsin has sided with Republican lawmakers, striking down a nearly week-long extension for counting absentee ballots in the upcoming election. This means that ballots arriving after Nov. 3 will now be disqualified.

7:01 Judge Denies Florida Voter Registration Extension
A federal judge has denied a motion to extend Florida’s voter registration deadline.

8:33 Jewish, Catholic Groups Sue New York Governor
Jewish and Catholic institutions are suing New York’s governor over his recent shutdown restrictions. They’re accusing Gov. Andrew Cuomo of unfairly targeting places of worship while giving non-religious activities more wiggle room.

9:32 Yelp Flags Businesses For ‘Racist’ Behavior
The review service Yelp is launching a new label that will be put on businesses accused of racism. The platform made the announcement on Thursday. The company said it will alert consumers when there is evidence of a business owner or employee engaging in racist actions.

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