FACT CHECK: Bartiromo Raises Speculation over Biden’s Brain Aneurysms, Trump said “Nancy was Dancing in the Streets

President Donald J. Trump was on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures, and talked about a number of issues including his health, Nancy Pelosi’s move to push for the 25th amendment, the Economy, his policies and the speculation that Joe Biden has suffered from brain problems.

Two big takes aways from the interview are that Trump claimed that Nancy Pelosi was not concerned about the COVID 19 Virus at the early state he was, and Bartiromo re-introduced the idea of Biden’s history of Brain health concerns, which could prove Trump is right about Pelosi’s push for the 25th Amendment.

Bartiromo said, “Breaking news is there is a note from the doctor says you are no longer a transmission risk.” Trump responded, ” Yes, and it says I am immune for some period of time, very good shape to fight the battles ahead.”

“The Blexit event at White House and Rally is being decried by the left, your reaction,” Bartiromo said.

“My doctors are the best in the world, and they say I am not going to spread anything. I knew I was free of it then, it gives you immunity, the left just don’t want to accept anything, I passed the highest standards of the testing, the word immunity- a protective glow- and it is important,” Trump said.

“Did the COVID topic come up at Impeachment?” She asked. T

Trump said, ” No, We were focused on Impeachment, we even picked up two Democrats then, and Nancy Pelosi was dancing in the streets in China town at that time. But I closed it down, and Pelosi wanted the business to come in at the time. “


Pelosi was indeed in the streets of China Town celebrating and having fun in the early days of the shutdown amid COVID concerns.

It was a “slow protest/ resistance” dance.


Trump said, “We have recovered to be number one, our recovery rate is the best in the world. We went down hard, and are back up again. I am going to get a lot of voters on Trade, and I am going to get Bernie Sander’s voters because what I did is a miracle. We need to open the country, the Democrat states are not doing well, and the country is doing well. I want to open up the country. We need to get open Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Michigan and get the kids back in school,” he said.

“We want to help business and airlines. We want to help restaurants but we can not get Nancy Pelosi to sign the Stimulus, but she won’t do it,” Trump said.

“About two minutes after the election they will say they are opening up. They [Democrat States] know what they are doing,” Trump said.

Trump also talked about the Documents coming out:

On the 25th Amendment

Radical far left Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi claims that the Trump’s medication, which he is not on, is a the reason for her cautionary move to take power from the Executive branch, and Trump says that is directed at Biden and not himself.

“I think she is talking about Joe Biden with what she said. He obviously had the problems and they want to replace Joe Biden with Kamala Harris a radical. I am not on medications, so it wasn’t about me,”Trump said

Health of Joe Biden

My sources are soild, and I have two medical people who are saying that Joe Biden has had two brain aneurysms and he needs to explain that to people.

FACT CHECKING… Joe Biden himself claimed to have had brain aneurysms

According to the Delaware online:

In early 1988, Joe Biden was devastated.

The then-Delaware senator had bowed out of the 1988 presidential race after questions were raised about the lack of attribution of quotes he used in a speech. Biden feared the scandal would tarnish his reputation, that people would consider him a cheat. 

He was having regular headaches, requiring him to carry around a big bottle of Tylenol. He was also feeling pain in his neck.

And as chairman of the Judiciary Committee, Biden had recently overseen the contentious confirmation hearing for Robert Bork, followed by hearings for Anthony Kennedy.

In February of 1988, he suffered two life-threatening brain aneurysms. Biden has said the experience shaped him into the “kind of man I want to be.”

Lowell Sun wrote:

What if it was reported that President Donald Trump had brain surgery 30 years ago?

For openers, the progressive Democrats and the anti-Trump establishment media would accuse him of a coverup and demand he resign.

What if it was then reported that he had a second brain operation three months after the first one?

They would go apoplectic and insist he be impeached again. Or that he be relieved of duty and replaced by the vice president under the 25th amendment. That allows for his replacement on the grounds that the president is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

FACT CHECK: Joe Biden has had two braid aneurysms- and may be on medication still.

So did Trump just say: Checkmate, Pelosi?

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Author: Kari Donovan