Republicans Target Mark Kelly for His Lies, Ties to China

If there was any doubt that Mark Kelly was a Democrat, he erased them all in the debate against Sen Martha McSally. He lied every time he opened his mouth as McSally pointed out his stands on the various issues. But Kelly kept saying  ‘I don’t know where Senator McSally gets this stuff from.’ She also pointed out his close ties to China.

The Republicans has put together an ad that shows each lie that he told followed by video where he said he was for the various issues. I just hope those who saw the debate see this ad as well. But, if they don’t they could keep on believing Kelly and his multitude of lies.

An emailed press release from the NRSC stated:

Martha McSally repeatedly fact-checked Kelly, calling him out on his ties to China and stances on border patrol and fossil fuels. Kelly responded each time by saying, ‘I don’t know where Senator McSally gets this stuff from.’ The new video shows exactly where she got her facts from, providing the sources behind each of McSally’s blows to Kelly.

The video highlights Kelly’s ties to the communist Chinese regime. It also proves that he has been lying to Arizona voters as to what he plans to do if he is elected to the Senate.

From Townhall

Arizona Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) took her Democrat challenger, Mark Kelly, to task during Tuesday night’s general election debate. 

The company that Kelly co-founded before running for Senate, World View Enterprises, was found to have tangible ties to a high-profile Chinese technology company, Tencent. The platform surveils its billions of subscribers and prohibits any criticism of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The United Nations’ Human Rights Watch classified Tencent as “an enabler of Chinese government oppression.”

McSally, a fierce voice of opposition to the authoritarian regime that is the Chinese government, called out Kelly’s ties to China.

After McSally exposed Kelly’s blatant ties to China, the Senate hopeful took a page from Joe Biden’s playbook. He refused to take a stance on eliminating the legislative filibuster, which Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has threatened to do if Democrats take back the majority in the upper chamber.

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Author: Steven Ahle