China arrests virologist’s mother; 4 nations form alliance to resist China; CCP attacks Trump | NTD

0:00 Pompeo: Indo-Pacific Alliance ‘Critical’
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has met with the foreign ministers of allies Japan, Australia and India to boost cooperation against a common threat in the Indo-Pacific: China’s communist regime.

1:25 Colorado Homes Selling Fast
A new report says now is the toughest time ever to buy a home in Denver, Colorado. Homes are selling fast and there aren’t enough to go around.

3:19 China Arrests Mother of Dissident Virologist
The Chinese Communist regime is cracking down on a dissident virologist who is speaking out about COVID-19 in the United States by arresting her mother.

4:57 The Electric Air Taxi of the Future
An electric vertical takeoff aircraft made its debut near Paris. The designers say the "driverless flying taxi" will revolutionize how we travel.

6:29 General Spalding on Latest Attack From CCP
After President Donald Trump contracted the CCP virus, multiple Chinese state-run media outlets began using the opportunity to attack his reputation. Our sister media, The Epoch Times, talked to an expert about how this kind of psychological manipulation is part of the CCP’s efforts to hold onto power and prevent Trump from being re-elected.

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