~311~ MEDIA BLACKOUT: Major Leaks Reveal The Lies

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This week Lee Camp opens with a tale of two sets of leaks about US police and imperialist lies about Western intervention in Syria. The Blue Leaks revealed corruption & wrongdoing at police departments across the US. Law enforcement officers illegally surveilled people, spread obviously false theories from right wingers, and treated peaceful protesters like terrorists. Reporting from The Grayzone revealed that Western governments funded war propaganda that allowed NATO and the US to destroy Syria. They did this through PR companies with links to 1,600 corporate journalists. The program had particular success with the Oscar-winning "White Helmets" documentary.

Also on this episode: Public opinion of the USA has plummeted around the world over the last 5 years and Camp lays out all of the ways that the US deserves this reputation. Natalie McGill reports on the invasive measures employers are enacting to monitor their employees as they work from home. Corporations are using software that tracks their employees’ keystrokes and mouse movements, downloads videos of their computer screens, uses their webcams to take photos of them, and GPS tracks them via their smartphones. Outdated communications privacy laws allows these practices to go unpunished. Anders Lee and Camp discuss a new book from the French economist Thomas Piketty and the controversy it has ignited on the Left Wing of the political spectrum, and a new set of regulations that the European Union is considering enacting on social media corporations.

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