Trump Talks to a Doctor and gets Evaluated on Tucker- VIDEO

President Donald J. Trump was on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ Friday in his first on-camera interview after his Covid-19 diagnosis. Dr. Marc Siegel conducted a medical evaluation during the show.

Not one cough. Not one Sniffle. He has been cleared by his personal doctors, and over 175 doctors have told the Debate Commissioners that Trump could debate.

Earlier in the day, the scandal ridden Debate Commissioner canceled the Debate, to preempt the interview.

“Trump’s physician says he has completed his round of medicine and can return to work,” Carlson said. Footage of the Interview.

Siegel asked what was his chief complaint, Trump said,” I feel really good and very strong and really good.”

Asked what Problems he had and why he went to Walter Reed, he said “I didn’t feel strong and vital like the was the US President should feel. Weakness. “

Asked what was bothering him the most, he said, “I was tired, not the same energy level. I didn’t have that. I thought it might have led to bad things. I took medicine and it was good.

Were you scared Trump was asked, “the medicine worked very well. I felt very good. I had a sore throat. I got a transfusion. I want to send it to everyone for free, including Seniors.”

Trump said, “I wanted to go earlier, but I stayed for 3 and a half days. I wanted to go after the first day. I stayed for the time they needed me. I am medication free, from hours ago. I don’t like medication. I had lungs tested. tested with different machinery. There was some congestion. I think that is why they wanted to keep me. The Cat Scans were good. “

Talking about why he went out, Trump said I heard them for two days, and I wanted to see them. No one was negative it was all about love. Everyone was protected. They have been with me for a long time. They were there for 24 hours a day. I love the people of the country and it would have been disrespectful to not go give them a little wave.

Trump was asked to talk about the Lessons learned, Trump said, “I did do it early. It was easy for me. Doctors were everywhere. A lot of people are around me, so I think about it, early. and I know there is a danger, but I can’t go into the basement. My secret was that I went in very early. On Steroids- any problems with that? No, I tolerate it very well. I haven’t taken it for a while. I am taking nothing now. The Antibodies are supposed to work for 2-4 months. I have been retested. I have not found out what the results are. I am at the bottom or free.

“I would do a debate outside. The Commission has been a problem.”

Where do you think you got it? Trump was asked, ” I don’t know. No one really knows for sure. People have contracted it all over the world. Generally, you get better, but we have medicines that help people get better. “

“I just have such great respect for doctors’ lab sciences, for the families that have suffered so badly. It came out of China, and they have suffered a lot. They should not have let it come out tot he world. I have respect for those who have suffered ad to the people who have been hurt.”

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Author: Kari Donovan