Jill Biden goes after Billionaire Kanye and Assumes Young Blacks are ‘Owned’ by Democrats, BLM Members Beg for Peopl

Democrat Joe Biden’s wife posted on Twitter to attempt to discredit Presidential candidate Kanye “ye” West and persuade his supporters not to vote for him, because she apparently believes his supporters, mostly young Black Americans, are Democrats and need to be loyal to the Democrat Party.

Kanye West has over 30 Million followers on social media, a loyal fan base, and has gone from “rags to riches” many times, emerging as a powerful Christian leader for many Americans, recently West tweeted:

“From $53 million in debt to a net worth of $5 billion in 4 years. Thank you, Jesus. I know I fall short, but I repent. I am fully in service to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are building schools of the future. Thank God for providing the increase.”

But Jill Biden acts like his campaign for president is sort of a joke.

Her tweet from Friday hints at a bit of racism and a bit of domination over West’s fans, ignoring the idea that young Black Americans may have a different opinion about their vote.

“Sick of that conspiracy bullshit that voting for Kanye hurts Biden. It assumes that both black voters and young voters are voting for Biden and places them in a box that generalizes the whole. Note: I didn’t bring in black and young voters people who peddle this theory did,” one poster said in reaction.

Kanye had tweeted about Jill Biden a week before, saying he would pray for her if she was sick, so her attack on him was seen as nasty.

“There’s a crying need for civility across the board.  We need to and will come together in the name of Jesus. I’m praying for President Trump’s and Melania’s full recovery, just as I would for Joe and Jill Biden if they were stricken, as well as everyone else with COVID-19,” West wrote.

West had tweeted on Friday a photo of a Ballot for California where someone wrote his name on the Ballot.

Numerous Black Lives Matters members reacted by begging people to vote for Joe [Biden] and some posters talked about Kamala Harris, candidate for Vice President, has offended them by calling herself “Black”. Harris’ Mom is Indian and her Father is Jamaïcain.

Jill Biden may be feeling jealous:

President Donald J. Trump is a supporter of West’s. The two are friends, and have worked together.

Radical white Democrats don’t understand at all why people would support West and demand his fans vote for Biden.

It could be that Democrats know West is far more likable and far more capable than Harris and Biden would be to understand their needs, and how to help them.

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Author: Kari Donovan