Trump Pressures Pelosi Over ‘Stand Alone’ Stimulus for Americans on Twitter -Pelosi Ignores him and the needs of Ame

In a series of focused tweets on Tuesday and Wednesday, President Donald J. Trump applied pressure to far-left radical Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi over her hold up of aid to Americans by refusing to abandon her progressive dreams of bailing out failed Democrat cities, and Trump seems to have had enough.

Trump is pushing a stand alone bill-and as one Independemt Reported put it, “Nancy Pelosi is **against** a stand alone bill sending stimulus checks directly to Americans in need. That tells you everything you need to know.”

On Tuesday, after long negotiations, Trump removed himself from talks with Pelosi claiming that Democrats were adding too many projects and funds, an overused tactic of the left to get what they want, for things that do not address the betterment of the American people, from his point of view.

The Hill reported Tuesday that Pelosi was discrediting Trump over his recent illness, and they reported:

“In a call with Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday floated the question of whether the steroids President Trump is taking to battle his case of the coronavirus led to his decision to endorse parts of a coronavirus stimulus deal just hours after telling his negotiators to walk away from talks. 

“Believe me, there are people … who think that steroids have an impact on your thinking. So, I don’t know,” Pelosi said on a call with Democrats after Trump’s Tuesday night tweets, according to two sources.

“I do practice medicine on the side without benefit of a diploma, as a mother and a grandmother, but I hadn’t gone into mental health yet,” she said on the call. 

Trump left Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Monday after a four-day stint there to receive treatment for the coronavirus, which he announced Friday he had contracted.”

Trump supporters saw it a different way:

Trump started applying pressure to Pelosi in the “Public Square” Tuesday, and was still going strong on Wednesday, showing no sign of letting up on his demands to get money to the American people, and not the failed politicans.

Pelosi, who has been a renegade opponent of Trump’s since his 2016 victory, released a statement that many Trump supporters felt was passive-aggressive and deceitful.

From Pelosi’s Press Release:

“Walking away from coronavirus talks demonstrates that President Trump is unwilling to crush the virus, as is required by the Heroes Act.  He shows his contempt for science, his disdain for our heroes – in health care, first responders, sanitation, transportation, food workers, teachers, teachers, teachers and others – and he refuses to put money in workers’ pockets, unless his name is printed on the check.

“At the same time, the President is abandoning meeting the needs of our children as they adjust to learning in-person, virtual or hybrid.  Instead, Trump is wedded to his $150 billion tax cut for the wealthiest people in America from the CARES Act, while he refuses to give real help to poor children, the unemployed and America’s hard working families.

However, Trump’s tweets indiccate it is Pelosi, herself, who is holding up the stimuls money to Americans, playing politics right before an election.

Reaction on Twitter is not kind ot Pelosi:

Trump wants to cut your payroll tax and/or mail you a check. Pelosi demands most of the $$$ go to bail out blue state governments instead. Trump has decided to let voters weigh in,” Phil Kerpin wrote.

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Author: Kari Donovan