Pelosi accuses Trump and Senate Republicans of refusing to contain COVID

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Trump the one that shut down travel to China as soon as the virus started? Democrats wanted travel to remain open, but by Trump acting so quickly, he saved thousands of people from not only contracting COVID but also from dying of it.

Yet, in a Facebook post on Monday where she shared an interview with MSNBC, Nancy Pelosi  wrote, “They’re joking about moon suits but there’s nothing funny about the obsession that Trump and Senate Republicans have with snatching health care from millions of Americans while they’re refusing to lift a finger to contain the #coronavirus or to provide help with food and rent.”

Trump rolled out stimulus checks to hundreds of thousands of Americans and worked to protect small businesses with loans, and financial extensions and relief. He has proven over and over again how much he cares about Americans.

I know that many businesses are still recovering from the shut downs and many families are working to provide for their families in light of lost  revenue from jobs lost, however, just because Trump isn’t jumping to roll out more stimulus checks doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about Americans or containing the virus. 

He seems to be going kind of back and forth on the second round of stimulus checks, which is totally fine, he’s just trying to figure out what the best route is for America. But what he’s trying to do is get America back to some semblance of normalcy. 

Sure, we could stay in our homes out of fear and just wish away the virus, but that’s just not attainable. What is best for America is getting back out into the world, going back to work and school, and proceeding with caution, but no longer just putting the world on hold.

During the pandemic, suicide, depression, and abuse rates skyrocketed. Not just because people who already faced those issues were getting worse, but because otherwise healthy Americans found themselves in desperate situations trying to feed their families and pay rent. 

Contrary to what Pelosi said in her snarky Facebook post, Trump did help people with rent by placing temporary rules in place for landlords. He rolled out those loans and stimulus checks because he knew that people would be hurting financially. And he worked to get America back open because he knows that people are in need of more than just money. 

Pelosi and her followers claim to want to get America back on track, but every other word out of their mouth they are doing just the opposite. I say this time and time again, Democrats are not the party that cares about America. I see so many celebrities now posting their support of Biden and Harris because they want “nice people” running the country, or people that will take care of climate change.

Biden and Harris aren’t nice to the babies they murder and don’t care about the women affected from those abortions. They may seem charismatic (sort of) on tv, but I would much rather have someone who is bold and blunt than snakes who lie and stab America in the back. 

Everything that Trump has done since COVID started has been for the American people. He works countless hours to protect Americans even when he himself had COVID.

Pelosi, we all know you lie, but try again. Claiming that Trump isn’t doing anything to stop COVID is a far reach even for you.

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