General Flynn Moves to Force Alleged ‘Biased’ Judge to Step Down

The trial of General Mike Flynn, a three-star general who was a part of the administration of former President Barack H. Obama, and was serving in the administration of President Donald J. Trump when he became a focus of the Special Counsel Crossfire Hurricane and Spygate Scandals and he has had enough of Justice Emmet Sullivan, who has rule over a long and bizarre trial.

The Department of Justice has dropped the case against Flynn, so Flynn should be free, yet Sullivan has basically inserted himself into the case as an offended party, and has refused to let Flynn go, continuing on with lawfare harassment of Flynn.

In October, at the most recent hearing on the matter, Sullivan was extremely rude to Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, interrupting her, ignoring her, and being outward hostile to her, so that even the layperson could hear the bias.

Now, in a move by Powell on Wednesday, Flynn has moved to have the judge taken off the case for “contempt and distain”.

Catherine Herridge of CBS News reported:

“Flynn’s legal team @SidneyPowell1 has moved to disqualify Judge Sullivan from the case, asking him to recuse himself based on demonstrated “contempt and disdain” towards Flynn +  “The appearance of bias here is terrifying and mandates disqualification”

Techno Fog, a poster who I have confirmed has a solid legal background, posted online that the “false and defamatory comments, echoed those of Rachel Maddow” a far-left radical conspiracy theorist talk show host on MSNBC, which is a platformed used for political attacks and propaganda against Trump.

John Solomon wrote for Just the News, “In a dramatic escalation of a long-running feud, lawyers for former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn on Wednesday filed a motion to disqualify U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan from considering the request to dismiss their client’s case, arguing the jurist has demonstrated “contempt and disdain for the defense.”

The filing by attorneys Sidney Powell and Jesse Binnall came after the defense and judge clashed several times at a hearing last week. It also follows Flynn, retire Army lieutenant general, having tried to get an appeals court to issue a writ of mandamus forcing Sullivan to immediately dismiss the case.”

Sullivan, according to his own words, ignoring the advice of career DOJ attorneys, is concerned that the case against Flynn was dropped because of “Political pressure by Trump” to do so.

In other words, Sullivan feels that dropping the charges against Flynn is political, even though long time DOJ employees told Sullivan that dragging Flynn through the court system, at a massive personal expense, forcing him to be under a gag order so he can not speak, is wrong because “the case is bad”.

Sara Carter reported, “Months of stunning disclosures in Flynn’s case have also revealed extensive malfeasance by FBI investigators in his case and that of the investigation into President Donald Trump’s campaign. For example, the recent revelation that former British spy Christopher Steele’s primary sub source for the debunked dossier was a Russian spy that was being monitored by the FBI for years and that they kept this information from the FISA courts is a reflection on the culture of corruption that existed inside the bureau during the Obama administration.”

Sullivan has to this point resisted dropping the case.

This story is developing..

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Author: Kari Donovan