Something Fishy Is Going On With The Dems & COVID-19 Because There Are No Coincidences In Politics

Something Fishy Is Going On With The Dems & COVID-19 Because There Are No Coincidences In Politics

They say in politics there is no coincidences and if that’s the case something fishy is going on in Washington. I’m not trying to go blown tin foil hat but there some obvious observations that are raising my eyebrow.

On his radio show Rush Limbaugh pointed this out:

“This is unbelievable now. This is straining credulity, isn’t it? Kayleigh McEnany has now tested positive for COVID-19. Still can’t find a Democrat that’s been infected. Well, I don’t know, folks. I just don’t believe in coincidence,” said Limbaugh.

Limbaugh believes the Left is going to use the recent diagnosis to try and stop the confirmation hearings:

They will pull out every weapon they’ve got to stop Amy Coney Barrett being confirmed. And that’s what we were in the middle of here. That’s what this is all about. As far as they are concerned, as far as the left or the Democrats are concerned, there’s some ancillary benefits to this.

And that is, all these Republicans being infected with COVID, which now allows the Democrats and the left, who are not religious, to start invoking biblical terms to explain what’s happening, like God and the Bible are finally getting even with Trump because Trump wouldn’t pay attention to COVID. He wouldn’t pay attention to the masks. He wouldn’t go along with shutting down the country’s economy.

Limbaugh didn’t believe that there is a lot of coincidence but he said it’s just staggering the more Democrats haven’t gotten the coronavirus.

Could it be possible that Democrat politicians or the press in Washington aren’t announcing they have the virus? Are they being reckless?

It’s also very interesting that the White House press core did not force the reporters that attended the press gaggle with White House Press secretary  Kayleigh McEnany to quarantine. If they were so afraid of the virus as they claim to, then why are they being isolated?

For a disease that is so contagious, it’s certainly interesting that only Republicans seem to be catching the virus. 

Written by Staff WriterOctober 6, 2020

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