The GOP Establishment Run Same Play As Paul Ryan Did In The House, They Are Planning To Dump Trump Even If He Wins

The GOP Establishment Run Same Play As Paul Ryan Did In The House, They Are Planning To Dump Trump Even If He Wins

The elites in Washington appear to believe that President Trump is going to win in November because they are running the same play that Paul Ryan ran while he was the Speaker of the House.

If you recall leading up to the 2018 mid-terms many establishment type Republicans retired from Congress which led to the Democrats getting control of the House. That same play is being run again in the Senate after Republican Senator Pat Toomey announced that he will be retiring in 2022.

Both Senate seats in 2022 will now be up for grabs in Pennsylvania.

“I’ve made a decision, it’s not going to change, and I want everybody to know,” Toomey said.

Toomey did say that he supports President Donald Trump and that he hopes the Republicans maintain control of the Senate.

According to Toomey, he believes in term limits and that 18 of the past 24 years he has served in Washington. The rhino Republicans was also the last member of the GOP to announce his support for Judge Barrett.

Politico reports:

Pickup opportunities for the GOP may be limited to Democratic-leaning states like New Hampshire, Colorado and Nevada as well as whoever wins this year’s Arizona Senate election. By contrast, Republicans will have have to defend Toomey’s seat as well as seats held by Sens. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), Richard Burr (R-N.C.), Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Roy Blunt (R-Mo.). Burr has already announced he will retire.

Toomey may claim to support the President but he is a member of the Washington establishment.  During the impeachment process, he claimed the President’s actions were  “inappropriate.”

With Burr and Toomey announcing that they are leaving the Senate it puts a whole new urgency for the 2022 election especially if Democrats keep the House.

It is curious that Toomey wouldn’t wait until after the November election. Could this be a sign that the ruling class believes Trump is going to win and the GOP will keep the Senate?

Whatever the reason, Toomy’s announcement looks like the Washington elite are running the same strategy in the Senate that they ran in 2016 to seize control of the House.


Written by Staff WriterOctober 5, 2020

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