Media & Dems Have An EPIC MELTDOWN After Trump’s Sunday Surprise

Media & Dems Have An EPIC MELTDOWN After Trump’s Sunday Surprise

A massive amount of people have shown up at Walter Reed Hospital to support the President from across the country. To show his gratitude for the love he has received from his supporters President Trump surprised them and drove by in his limousine to wave to his supporters.

Before he surprised his supporters President Trump addressed the nation.

To put things in perspective, Joe Biden called a lid around 9:15 am on Sunday. President Trump, who is hospitalized with the coronavirus had more appearances; the man is a stallion.

The media is having an epic meltdown. The White House Press Corps Association (a bunch of liberal annoying journalists) was so mad at President Trump they issued an official statement.

Of course they are mad, he is destroying their coronavirus narrative. We are all supposed to be running scared of the virus and Trump just punched it in the face.

You can see in the image below the Secret Service Agent is wearing a surgical gown, respirators, and an eye shield.

Oh, and it gets better…

Meanwhile, Senator Chuck Schumer is sniveling about the SCOTUS confirmation hearings.

2020 couldn’t be any clearer. Do you want cowards like the Democrats? Or do you want a fighter, like President Trump?

Written by Staff WriterOctober 4, 2020

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