Prayers to our great President and First Lady. I am wondering why he went to Walter Reed instead of staying in the White House? I mean Zinc, Azithromycin, and Hydroxychloroquine IS the cure? So why is he hospitalized and taking not one but two experimental unproven drugs? I don’t TRUST Democrats or the "Medical Deep State" which clearly exists. Also, how do we know he has it? I mean, how many false positive tests have there been? Could this be a way to try to derail ACB’s SCOTUS nomination? Also, the left is trying to say that this was a way for Trump to get out of the debates? Yeah right, more like a way for Joe Biden to get out of the next debate because his campaign can say, "Oh we can’t debate him because of Covid." Plus even if Trump has it he has MORE ENERGY with Covid than Biden does without. I don’t know call me skeptical but the timing of this just stinks. Regardless, let’s hope and pray he makes a FULL recovery.

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