LOL McConnell STUFFS Dems trying to stop Barrett confirmation over COVID and SAD Schumer is blubbering

LOL McConnell STUFFS Dems trying to stop Barrett confirmation over COVID and SAD Schumer is blubbering

You don’t get to praise Mitch McConnell too often on a conservative website. But sometimes even a Swamp Thing can have a beautiful moment. McConnell’s was today when he suspended nearly all Senate activity … EXCEPT for the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation process.

You GOTTA love that.

“On Monday, I intend to obtain a consent agreement for the Senate to meet in pro forma sessions for the next two weeks. Previously-scheduled floor activity will be rescheduled until after October 19th,” reads the statement from Leader McConnell’s office.

Minutes after Thom Tillis announced he’d tested positive for Covid on Friday, Dem ghoul Chuck Schumer was insisting on Twitter that the Amy Coney Barret confirmation would have to be doomed. He probably got excited when he read that first paragraph, along with everyone at CNN.

But the second paragraph is a knife to the chest.

“The important work of the Senate’s committees can and will continue as each committee sees fit,” it says. “The Senate Judiciary Committee will convene on October 12th as Chairman Graham has scheduled to begin confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court. The Senate’s floor schedule will not interrupt the thorough, fair, and historically supported confirmation process previously laid out by Chairman Graham.”

Ha ha ha BLAM.

Schumer of course, FLIPPED out.

“Leader McConnell and Chairman Graham’s monomaniacal drive to confirm Judge Barrett at all costs needlessly threatens the health and safety of Senators, staff, and all those who work in the Capitol complex,” said Schumer. “Their decision to move ‘full steam ahead’ with a Supreme Court nominee who could take away the healthcare of 20 million Americans a month before Election Day is turning an illegitimate process into a reckless and dangerous one.”

Cry more, lib.

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