~310~ Trump V. Biden Trainwreck Still Serves The Empire

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The presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump shocked anyone with an understanding of politics in the USA and its history. Media pundits want to talk about how Trump violated procedures and norms but Lee Camp reports on the many ways that the showdown ultimately holds up the status quo which neither of the US’s political parties are willing to question. People will never hear the corporate parties criticize capitalism, the systems that accelerate climate change, or systemic racism in an effective way.

Also this week: The US government often lies about their reasons for invading other nations but when it comes to Syria it really seems like nobody can get their story straight. Are we there for oil? To support Israel? To stop Turkey? To save the Kurds? The government just keeps changing its story. Anders Lee reports on the fallout from the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg and what options the Democrats will have to fight back against a conservative groundswell. Conservatives in the US managed to take over the Supreme Court with a 5-4 majority during President Trump’s term. Now with the feminist champion RBG gone the Republicans are moving forward to create a 6-3 supermajority despite the hypocrisy from Mitch McConnell’s decision to block President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee in his last year in office. Naomi Karavani and Camp discuss how Representative Katie Porter took a pharmaceutical executive to task over his corporations price gouging on cancer drugs, an update on the Breonna Taylor case where it turned out the Grand Jury wasn’t offered the option of indicting the police who killed Taylor, and another case of the corporate media treat inhumane poverty as a cute story where an 80-year-old pizza delivery driver received a $12,000 tip.

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