Trump gets HIGHEST approval rating from Gallup

Trump gets HIGHEST approval rating from Gallup

President Trump has just gotten his highest approval rating from Gallup in their latest poll, which took place before Tuesday night’s debate:

FOX NEWS – A poll conducted in the lead-up to Tuesday’s presidential debate showed Americans giving President Trump his highest approval rating in months while a majority predicted he would defeat former Vice President Joe Biden in November.

Gallup released its results on Thursday, claiming that Trump saw his highest approval rating (46%) since May with approvals on his handling of certain issues, other than the economy, below 50%.

The data, which was gathered in the two weeks before the debate, reflected an uptick from the 42% Trump received earlier in September. That increase, the polling company suggested, could be associated with his response to late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death.

“Although the increase of four percentage points in Trump’s latest rating is not statistically significant, the poll’s internals suggest a rise in his support the second half of the Sept. 14-28 field period coincident with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death and lying in state, as well as Trump’s announcing that he would quickly make a nomination to the Supreme Court. This suggests that some viewed his handling of the situation positively,” a press release from Gallup reads.

This is great news. The opportunity to appoint a Supreme Court justice during an election is a huge deal, and Democrats would be wise not to turn this into a Kavanaugh fiasco, because that will simply galvanize tons of support behind Trump.

I just hope the debate performance doesn’t kill this momentum. If what Trump tweeted is true among the greater American public, especially those in swing states, then he should be just fine:

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