Chris Wallace speaks out on debate, argues Trump’s debate plan did not serve him well

In a new telephone interview with the Los Angeles Times, Fox News anchor Chris Wallace spoke out on his thoughts on the contentious debate between President Trump and Joe Biden.

Wallace told the Times “Obviously It was not the debate I had planned for, and to that degree I was disappointed.”

He continued “I think debates are about revealing what [the candidates] think. You certainly gained an insight into Donald Trump and what he’s thinking and where he wants to take the country and how he wants to take the country there. To that degree I thought it was a success. It may not have been pretty, but it was revealing.”

Wallace said he initially was encouraged by the back and forth exchange between Trump and Biden, explaining “My initial reaction was, ‘This is great. They’re going to go at it, and I can take the evening off.”

However, he says “it became clear at a certain point that the president wasn’t planning to back off and was going to keep interrupting throughout the evening.”

Wallace mostly blamed the President for the chaos and said “the interruptions got in the way of a substantive discussion of serious issues and follow-ups to those issues. I thought it wasted a lot of time.”

The 72 year old Fox News anchor also did not think Trump did well by interrupting, saying “Trump never went to Plan B. He just stayed on Plan A the entire evening, and I don’t think it served him especially well.”

Wallace also chimed in on the controversy of whether Trump had said enough to denounce White Supremacy and said “What was clear to me was he was given a direct opportunity several times by both me and by the vice president to call out the Proud Boys and white supremacists and he refused to do so.”

After the debate, President Trump tweeted a meme of him versus both Biden and Chris Wallace.

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