US cases top 7 million +++ Germany’s super spreader wedding | Coronavirus update

US cases top 7 million +++ Germany’s super spreader wedding | Coronavirus update

The total number of COVID-19 cases in the United States has hit a new milestone, surpassing seven million. The US remains the world’s worst-hit nation with the most cases and deaths.
Italy was one of the first countries to go into coronavirus lockdown back in March. The international community watched on as their hospitals overflowed and struggled to cope with the spike in cases. But now it’s a different story: As many European countries begin to suffer a second wave of cases, Italy has managed to keep its numbers low.
Lemurs only exist in the wild in the African country of Madagascar, and the island nation depends heavily on tourists who come from around the world to see them. But the coronavirus has put a stop to international tourism and the economy is suffering.
In Germany, the Westphalian city of Hamm has seen a sudden increase in coronavirus infections after a super-spreader event. Most of the cases are related to a wedding where a third of more than 300 guests were infected. DW visited Hamm to see how the city is coping with the massive surge.
Indonesia now has the second highest COVID-19 death toll in Asia, and the spread of the coronavirus shows no sign of slowing. In the capital Jakarta, a partial lockdown has been reinstated, as case and burial numbers soar.


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