Trump OH Battleground Events, The Little Miami High School football players led Pledge to Groundswell of Americans

President Donald J. Trump had a “silent protest against stupidity” in Ohio on Monday night, after an First large rally, where huge grounds met him in another part of the state, after days of spontaneous and independent parades and gatherings to show their support for Trump.

“The Democrats want something worse than Socialism, they want something much worse, they want Communism,” he said to an enthusiastic crowd.

Talking about the news media, and being ignored while getting nominated for two Noble Peace Prizes while Obama was celebrated for getting an award for nothing, he said, “Don’t worry about it, we are President and they are not,” Trump said.

An electric moment at the rally was when he brought up the two High School players, Brady Williams and Jarad Bentley, who had been suspended for carrying flags to represent first responders, at their football game, on Sept 11.


“We have this chat going, I love you, I love you.. and I do love you. There is nothing like this in history were people yell to a politician, and I don’t want to call myself a politician, but I love you,” Trump said.


He talked about the Big Ten and Ohio Buckeyes- and told them they better have a good year after that. The crowd cheered loudly. Trump told them, “They ran an ad that I was shutting down football, so the glovers are off, and that is how I got them to open football. I called the Commissionner, and we figured out how to get it open. We are the ones who did that and it was the ad, I didn’t know it was closed and now it is open.”


“I am the only guy who can get impeached for seating a Supreme Court Justices. We have seated 300 circuit court Judges and now hopefully 3 Supreme Court Judges. The judges set the course for the country on life. They will pack the courts with far-left radicals, they want socialism with a vision that would allow them to pass the ballot box. Biden won’t give his list of supreme court justices, because they won’t stand up to public scrutiny. He does not want to show who his judges are. He doesn’t want to do that- he is unelectable if you find out who he wants to put in there you won’t be able to survive it is past socialism, look at the democrat run cities, that is what you will get,” Trump said.

Crowds were lined up for 6 hours before the rally, in a party sort of carnival atmosphere. There were venders and merchandise for sale and people gathering for socializing.

Trump spoke about the football players and said “they became more important than President Trump.” Trump called them out and brought them up on stage. They asked their parent’s approval and that gave the country a lot of hope,” Trump said.


Ohio is considered a Battleground state, but the energy between Trump and Ohio voters clearly shows a groundswell of support.


His first event in Oh on Monday, after a weekend of public events, a horse and buggy parade, a car parage and a tractor parade in support of Trump.

His first public event on Monday.

An Amish parade, horse and buggy.

“I will stand up for the great state of Ohio, so get everyone together and get out and vote. Early voting has begun, and when you see them cheating, report them to the authorities, the authorities are waiting,” Trump said.

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